10 Most Common Habits That Damage Our Kidneys!



Kidneys are organs that are important in our body.

These organs detoxify our blood and help our body to move out the waste materials through urine.

In addition, their function is to eliminate excess water from our body or keep it when needed.

Kidneys regulate the levels of calcium, phosphate, and other important minerals in our body.

At the same time, these organs produce hormones for regulation of our blood pressure that are important in the production of our red blood cells.

As you know, the red blood cells carry important oxygen and nutrients through our body.

You know that kidneys have a lot of important functions in the body.

Therefore, is very important to care about them and keep properly their function.

Symptoms that you have problem with your kidneys are:

Itchy skin

Sudden pain in our body

Feeling cold

Bad breath



Breathing issues



Changed color and quantity of the urine

When you have some of the above-mentioned symptoms you need to visit the doctor.

The 10 common habits that can damage kidneys

-1. Delaying the need to urinate

Delaying the need to urinate or having a full bladder longer time is one of the reasons that can damage your kidney.

-2. Insufficient intake of important water

If you don`t take enough water these organs cannot work properly and clean our body.

-3. Too much intake of salt

Our kidneys work very hard if you consume salt in a high quantity.

-4. Use of analgesics on regular base

A lot of researchers discovered that harmful analgesics can reduce blood flow to these organs and make worse their function.

-5. Too much intake of proteins

Our body needs proteins.

But too much intake of proteins (red meat, etc.) is a risk for our kidney to develop some disease.

-6. Consuming too much alcohol

Alcohol is a dangerous toxin that can put a lot of unwanted stress on our liver and kidneys.

-7. Smoking is bad for kidneys

Smoking is bad for any part of our body and also can give problems to our important organs.

-8. Consuming a lot of caffeine

A lot of caffeine for a long time can damage our important organs.

-9. Do not ignore common infections

Tonsillitis, pharyngitis, coughs, the flu, colds and some other infections can cause a big damage to our important organs.

-10. Lack of important sleep

When we are sleeping is occurring renewal of our organs.

Therefore, we need to have enough sleeping to protect our kidneys and have a healthy life.

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