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10 Most Common Migraine Triggers!

10 Most Common Migraine Triggers!

Knowing migraine triggers is good for your health.

Migraines occur about 75 % in women and migraines usually do not come by themselves, but there are triggers that can be avoided.

Very severe headache that prevents the normal functioning of a people is a definition of a migraine.

Many migraines are with severe throbbing pain in one part of the head or across your head and you feel sick, dizzy and become sensitive to light and loud noises.

Just avoiding the trigger will facilitate people living with a migraine because they can be able to expect and thus, they will easier to cope with it, according to the Health Center.

What are the main migraine triggers?

-1. Weather

Changes in temperature, humidity and even barometric pressure can affect the way we feel.

The real proof of this is the meteoropathy – people who suffer from “diseases of weather”, which means that each of its changes, which doesn`t need to be sudden can create an avalanche of symptoms – and one of that symptoms can be migraine headaches.

-2. Hormones

The reasons for this high percentage of women suffer from migraines are just hormonal changes due to menstruation, pregnancy or menopause.

In such cases, women should contact a doctor or gynecologist in order to review the levels of hormones and (if necessary) take a hormone therapy.

-3. Food

Migraines can be caused by certain foods and drinks.

If you want to find out which foods trigger your migraines, keep a food diary and also monitor how your body responds to that food.

-4. Eating Habits

As can be certain food be the cause of migraines, as well as skipping meals and irregular eating can trigger migraines.

That`s why you should have a good eating habit.

-5. Fragrances

Strong odors perfume, detergents, smell cigarettes and other strong scents can be causes of migraines and pain can aggravate at existing migraine.

The incidence of a migraine after exposure to a strong smell depends on from person to person and conducted many studies that have tried to discover why this occurs.

Scientists believe that due to a migraine or people who suffer from these attacks, some scents encourage greater activation of fragrant receptors and pain receptors.

-6. Illumination

Flickering lights and fluorescent lights, and the computer screen may be migraine triggers.

If you cannot avoid exposure to such light, try to wear a baseball cap, sunglasses or glasses specialized for long watching the screen.lso, try to reduce the brightness on the display device.

Also, try to reduce the brightness on the display device.

-7. Sleeping

One of the migraine triggers may be too little sleep and too much sleep and uneven pattern of sleep.

Try to lie down every night and wake up in the morning at the same time to balance your biological rhythm so you can have better sleep.

-8. Physical Activity

Too strenuous exercise or sex may be also the cause of migraine triggers.

In such cases, it is also necessary to see a doctor and check why your body reacts.

-9. Heat

Like the weather changes, even if you are staying in a place where it is too hot or too long are you exposed to heat, may cause migraines.

Avoid these migraine triggers as much as possible.

Also, during the summer, have in your apartment or house ice, fans or air conditioning.

-10. Dehydration

When you feel thirsty, it means that your body is already in a state of dehydration.

Take care that you drink enough fluids through a day.

In addition, avoid alcohol and coffee, which normally lead to increased dehydration.



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