10 Disgusting Facts About Fast Food!

Fast Food

Fast Food

After reading this I don`t think you will ever want to eat at a fast “food” restaurant again.

Incredible but true facts to make you consider avoiding these places for good!

There is better natural healthy eating than fast food

Fast food that you should avoid is here:

-1. McDonald`s Milk Shake

McDonald`s Milk Shake uses a ridiculous concoction of 50 chemicals, such as ethyl acetate, phenethyl alcohol and solvent, to “imitate” the flavor of a real strawberry.

-2. Insect Butter

Insect butter is approved by the Food and Drug Administration – FDA.

100 g. of peanut butter contains rodent hair including 30 insect fragments.

-3. Shiny Candy

Shellac is used to improve the shine of furniture and wood but you can find this compound in your lovely delicious jelly beans because it is used for make shine this food.

-4. Bacteriophages

The Food and Drug Administration – FDA also approved the use of dangerous bacteriophages on processed food like hot dogs and lunch meat.

-5. Chicken?

Chicken at McDonald`s is more such as disgusting sludge of well-known pink paste through a chemical process.

It is causing excessive bacteria but is washed in ammonia and again re-flavored with more dangerous chemicals and dyed.

Next time, think twice before ordering some “nuggets”.

-6. Fast Food Junkies

The average fast food fans eat 12 public hairs just in one year.

-7. Coca-Cola

Each Coca-Cola that you order with your junky fast food contains about 10 teaspoons of dangerous and causing cancer – sugar.

That is harmful dosage for your health and the body.

Thanks to some other additive that is called phosphoric acid, that cuts the levels of sugar, so you will not vomit automatically after drinking a Coca-Cola.

-8. Healthiest Choice?

Fast food`s “healthiest” choice is a salad packed of antifreeze`s chemical compound, Propylene Glycerol, that causes skin and eye irritation.

Don`t forget that you have always healthiest foodstuffs around you.

-9. Chicken Or Beef

A lot of chicken items in fast food contain dangerous beef additives.

These additives are listed as an essence or an extract used to enhance flavor and to change health statistics.

-10. Cheese Products

The cheese products that are labeled as processed are packed with chemicals, additives and flavorings.

Actually, there is only 49 % of cheese and the rest is nothing to do with your favorite ingredient – cheese.

Get rid of your unhealthy habits as fast as you can.


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