10 Healing Teas That We Love

10 Healing Teas

10 Healing Teas

There is nothing comforting and relaxing as a cup of herbal tea.

It warms the insides and promotes an instant feeling of well-being and calm.

The best part of the day for me is enjoying in one of these 10 healing teas.

The best feeling is to drink herbal tea while reading a book, check your favorite blogs or sit on the balcony and enjoy the green view in front of you.

These 10 healing teas have with them a lot of healthy benefits.

10 Healing Teas – the best way to make you comfortable

Here is my favorite list of 10 healing teas:

-1. Dandelion and chicory root

The first on my favorite list of 10 healing teas is tea from dandelion and chicory root.

Dandelion root acts as a purifier which helps the liver and both kidneys to remove impurities.

It`s high in potassium that improves and helps digestion and appetite.

Chicory is a digestive bitter tonic that decrease inflammation and increase bile flow.

Chicory improves and supports the action of the liver and stomach and is cleaning our urinary tract.

-2. Peppermint

Peppermint eases vomiting and nausea, relieves stress, fights bad breath, dissolves gallstones, reduces heartburn, improves digestion and acts like a pain reliever.

You can make your peppermint tea using fresh herbs from your garden (if you have in the garden).

It`s easy to grow and always fresh.

-3. Pau D`arco

This is a great tea that helps to eliminate Candida, strengthen your immune system, protect the liver, purify the blood and has beneficial properties while healing cancer.

-4. Soursop – Graviola

The fourth on my favorite list of 10 healing teas is a tea from soursop.

Soursop tea is made from the leaves of the tree and is a great help to people which are healing from cancer.

It`s a potent healer, improves digestive health, is great for the liver, has a lot of antioxidants to fight free radical damage, is rich with vitamin C, promotes clear skin, aids detoxification and purifies the blood.

-5. Ginger

The fifth on my favorite list of 10 healing teas is ginger tea.

This tea combats motion sickness, minimizes symptoms of the allergies, common cold and some other respiratory conditions, eases rheumatoid arthritis and muscle aches, controls chronic pain, limits flatulence, reduces dizziness, combats inflammation, helps digestive processes and relieves nausea.

-6. Valerian

This tea may inhibit the developing of tumors, helps lower the high blood pressure, soothes our digestive system, alleviates the menstrual problems, helps calm restlessness and hysteria, sedates and soothes the nervous system and is a great help for treating sleeplessness and chronic insomnia.

-7. Rooibos

The seventh on my favorite list of 10 healing teas is Rooibos tea.

This tea is rich with minerals, antioxidants, promotes healthy bones, teeth and skin and is great longevity.

-8. Rose hip

Rose hip tea is one of the best sources of vitamin C that is important for the adrenal function, tissue health, your skin and immune system.

-9. Cleavers

Traditionally is used for treating lymph cancers and is excellent for stimulating our lymphatic system.

It`s also helpful for healing wounds, treating jaundice and treating your urinary tract infections.

-10. Little China teas

These healing teas are made from Chinese medicinal organic herbs.

The first of little China teas is a Longevity Tonic that is made with Chinese field mint (Bo He), ginger (Sheng Jiang, purple perilla leaf (Zi Su Ye), Dang Shen, Astragalus (Huang Qi) and chrysanthemum flower (Ju Hua).

The second one is the Up-Lift made with Chinese field mint (Bo He), perilla (Zi Su), Dang Shen, ginseng, Gou Qi Zi and wolfberry (Goji).

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