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10 High Protein Vegetables You Should Eat

10 High Protein Vegetables You Should Eat

Protein from vegetables is something that you need to put in your body so you will have more energy for your health naturally.

We need vegetables with proteins in our everyday diet

Here is a list of first 10 protein vegetables that you should have in your diet:


First on the list of protein vegetables is soybean.

If you cook soybeans contain 28gr. of protein in one cup.

It also contains 15gr. of fats, 17gr. of carbs and 58% are essential fatty acids.

A fiber in soybeans is helping and promotes digestive health.

Unsaturated fat in soybeans promotes cardiovascular health.


Edamame is second on this list of protein vegetable and they are packed with protein.

If edamame is boiled or steamed, it contains 22gr. per cup.

You can serve edamame with your meal so you will get a recommended 30gr. of protein per meal.


Lentils are also rich in proteins and they contain 18gr. of protein per cup if they are cooked.

This ingredient also contains 230 calories per serving.

Lentils contain a high amount of iron, phosphorus, folate and thiamine, and is a great source of dietary fiber.


Kale is among rich protein vegetables.

It is also a great vegetable choice and you can put it into your salad, soup or smoothies.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are the great natural gift.

These seeds have amazing healing benefits.

They have more than 5gr. of protein and that is more than half protein found in one egg.


Peas contain at least 9gr. of protein per cup and they are an excellent source of protein vegetables

You can add peas fresh or frozen into your meals.

It`s also a good source of iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and phosphorous.


Mushrooms are a good source of protein and they also contain immune-boosting properties

These immune-boosting properties are common in the maitake, reishi and cordyceps variety of mushrooms.


Broccoli contains 2.6gr. of protein and are also on the list of 10 protein vegetables that you should eat.

They have also 100% of your daily need for vitamin and vitamin K.

They contain and vitamin B which is decreasing the risk of different types of cancer.

Mung bean sprouts

Mung bean sprouts have 2.5gr of protein per cup.

It`s also rich with zinc – mineral that optimizes physical performance and with lecithin that lower cholesterol in our body.


Asparagus contains 2.4gr. of protein per 100 gr.

It`s a good source of potassium, antioxidants, and vitamin K.

Source: www.1mhealthtips.com


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