10 Reasons Why Pickles Are the Most Powerful Remedy! It Cleanse Intestines, Prevent Cancer, Lower Cholesterol!


This year you must make and also consume pickles to see how your health will improve.

You must have heard many times how healthy it is to consume fermented foods that are naturally boiled.

They contain probiotic cultures that make up a wide variety of bacteria.

These good bacteria naturally inhabit our digestive system and also make the microbial intestinal flora.

All these microorganisms are extremely important to the digestive system’s health, but also to the entire organism.

As bad bacteria, fungi, and other pathogenic organisms are present in the intestines, they may, in certain circumstances, multiply and affect your health.

Pickles and probiotic cultures can then be of great use to treat illnesses that cause harmful microorganisms.

What causes an imbalance of microbial intestinal flora?

Due to an unhealthy lifestyle, the body may have a disorder of balance between healthy and unhealthy microorganisms.

Unhealthy microorganisms can create a variety of health problems, and also we are often unaware of it.

The imbalance of microflora in the intestines occurs because of:

– Poor nutrition

– Too much carbohydrate

Fast foods

– Foods and also drinks that produce acidity in the body

– Chronic stress

– Inadequate movement and also exercise

Toxic substances from the environment

– Frequent taking of antibiotics (they also destroy the healthy microflora)

– The over-utilized use of commercial household cleaning agents

Therefore it is important to consume probiotics so that a good population of bacteria overcomes the bad bacteria and ensures optimum health.

You can also find useful microorganisms in many fermented foods that are here for you to improve the microflora of the intestines.

In various parts of the world, people fermented a variety of foods – soy, coconut milk, mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, various types of cow milk, etc.

Pickles – a traditional method of enrichment of foods

Pickling is a very old and experienced method of making a healthy winter food.

Many types of vegetables are ready in the autumn and with several basic rules, you can successfully and simply prepare pickle by yourself.

On that way, you will prepare a probiotic reserve until the spring.

Use hard vegetables such as:

– Root of celery



– Peppers

– Cucumbers


– Green tomatoes

Pickling is the art to preserve and expand the lifespan of different food.

The vegetable itself contains naturally-acid fermentation bacteria.

In the favorable impacts of moisture, temperature, and airlessness, various sugars from foods are converted into lactic acid.

So the foods take on a characteristic acidic flavor.

Lactic acid also prevents the growth of bacteria that cause decomposition.

Fermented foods will preserve their basic nutritional value.

It will still be enriched with valuable vitamin K and vitamin B complexes, and enzymes, while some fibers will become softer.

Such foods are even easier for our digestive system to digest.

Health benefits of pickles

Engaged vegetables bring many good things to our organism and act on several levels:

– 1. Maintains a healthy microfloral hernia

The intestinal microflora is a living system that makes good and bad bacteria.

For the reasons already mentioned, bad bacteria can overcome and cause many health problems.

The distorted balance of microorganisms can be gradually improved by adding fermented foodstuffs.

On that way, it will be a faster-growing population of useful bacteria that protect the mucous of the intestines.

This improves the absorption of nutrients and also the general health condition.

– 2. Rebuilds the intestinal mucus

Various infections, the use of medications, or eating unsuccessful foods, such as gluten, will cause the intestinal mucus to remain without beneficial microorganisms.

On that way, the intestinal mucus can become a “leaky gut syndrome”.

In addition, it will allow harmful substances and bad microorganisms to penetrate into other parts of the body.

At the same time, they can cause some disease, especially various inflammations and infections.

Eating pickles are the fastest and most effective means of restoring the flora.

– 3. Promotes metabolism, digestion, and weight loss

If you want to eliminate excess pounds, be sure to eat pickles because it speeds up your metabolism.

At the same time, it`s easy for digestion contains few calories and remove hunger.

Due to the substantial fiber content, fermented foods stimulate work of the intestines.

They alleviate the problems at people who do not tolerate lactose because they help to break down lactose in the intestines.

They also relieve irritated bowel syndrome.

– 4. Improves immunity

It is known that digestive and immune systems are related.

In addition, from our immune system depends on our health.

By complex mechanisms, it protects the body against harmful microorganisms and alleviates inflammatory processes of all kinds.

Pickle increases the number of cells that are naturally destroying the “intruders”.

– 5. It can prevent occurrence of the cancer

Vegetables are already rich in many nutrients and antioxidants.

Scientists believe that fermented vegetables can be even more powerful and reduce the risk of cancer, especially the colon cancer.

It seems that this is precisely the lactic acid that prevents the growth of malignant cells.

– 6. Adjust the blood pressure

Fermented products may also have an influence on blood pressure.

They can gradually decrease the blood pressure.

Scientists believe that certain types of peptide-like compounds play this role.

These compounds are created just during fermentation of foods.

Therefore, include pickles in your daily consumption

– 7. Reduces elevated cholesterol levels

Consumption of pickle is considered to reduce the levels of poor cholesterol in the blood.

This is because such foods reduce the absorption of cholesterol into the blood.

– 8. It alleviates allergies and skin problems

It is not a coincidence that skin is a mirror of health.

Healthy microflora protects intestines from toxins and heavy metals.

It also improves absorption of nutrients and prevents infections and inflammation.

It has a positive effect on reducing allergies, acne, eczema, and fungal infections.

– 9. Improves mood

Sometimes the intestines are described as “the second brain”.

It is believed that most of the serotonin – the hormone of happiness, is created in the intestines.

Chronic stress negatively affects the intestinal microflora.

Therefore be sure to avoid stress and protect the health of the intestines by entering fermented foods – pickle.

– 10. They are good for diabetics

Sugar and starch from these foods are converting into lactic acid.

This reduces the amount of sugar and, at the same time, making foods more suitable for diabetics.

How to consume fermented foods:

You need to consume fermented foods gradually to your body’s habit, especially if you have difficulty with bloating or diarrhea.

It is enough to consume half a cup of fermented foods daily and gradually increase the amount.

Do not cook pickles because they will lose useful microorganisms.

You can increase the number of beneficial microorganisms if you consume a very healthy and salty-acid that you have into pickles.

It is full of useful bacteria and various substances from vegetable juice (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants).

There is just one condition – don`t put too much salt in the fermentation process and don`t add preservatives.

Source: www.organicfacts.net



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