10 Ways To Protect Your Penis!


Penis for every man is also an important organ such is vagina at the woman!

In addition, if you are a man you need also to take care of the penis to have a healthy life and a healthy family.

Also, if you like to protect your penis, you need to have some everyday habits that will improve the function of this organ.

At the same time, those quality habits will also improve you in making love with your partner.

10 ways to protect your penis

Include eggs in your diet

If you start a breakfast consisting of eggs, you will end up your day healthy and also glorious.

Eggs contain vitamin B, which is of crucial importance to your sexual desire and also the duration of the erection.

Also, we do not even have to mention how much a healthy diet, is important for reproductive health!

You need also say “NO” to some ingredients

You need also to know that soy milk is not healthier than cow milk, in spite of some claims.

One study from Harvard reveals that men who consume soy milk also have 41m/ml less sperm than those who consume cow milk.

That’s a big loss for your future and also family for any man.

Also, never prolong your time to go to the toilet

If you’re stalled with going to the toilet, the urine will slip into your testicles and cause acute inflammation and also swelling.

In addition, I believe that this is also something that any man wants.

In your healthy diet, you need also include cheese!

The research published in the “Journal of Applied Physiology” has shown that fat from young cheese increases testosterone levels and also potency.

Also, check your blood!

Do you know that diabetes can also negatively affect your erection?

Magazine “Diabetes Voice” states that 58 percent of males with diabetes is also impotent.

Therefore, check your blood sugar levels and consume foods like broccoli and also spinach.

Are you beer-lover and also you consume alcoholic drinks?

Think well when you order another beer or alcoholic drink.

Of course, just to remind you that 1 beer per day is also healthy for you.

In addition, one study reveals that ten beers for one night and also alcoholic drinks can reduce testosterone levels by 23 percent.

At the same time, we also do not even need to explain how unfavorable your sex life is.

Do not spend a lot of time in front of laptops and also modern mobiles

Long-term use of the laptop and also new mobiles will make more damage than occasional insomnia.

It is believed that the high-pitched laptops in the lap increase testicle temperature by 2.5 degrees and also affect infertility.

At the same time, there are many and also exciting things that you can do in bed.


Among other normal hygiene that you need to have for your penis, showering is also very important for uncircumcised men.

The American Cancer Research Society says the smegma below the skin increases the risk of developing cancer at your intimate organ.

The same thing is also at woman intimate area therefore, everyday bathing is mandatory.

Masturbation is also a normal thing

Scientists have found that regular masturbation also increases erection.

In addition, it will definitely improve your reputation in women, and also what’s good for her – it’s good for you too.

Healthy diet

Even shelves in supermarkets are also a real drug store when it comes to testicular cancer prevention.

Even simple carrots which are rich in beta-carotene also help in preventing the appearance of cancer.

And for the end, among those things mentioned above, Kegel exercise will also improve your health and healthy life with your partner.

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