In 1887, recognized as the Most Powerful Remedy! What Can Do A Cup Of Kefir Per Day!


Kefir has for centuries been known as a traditional beverage from the Caucasus.

They also believe it is primarily responsible for their longevity as well as their vitality.

Kefir is actually a bacterium that produces milk drink within 24 hours of plain milk.

Thus, kefir is kept with milk at 15 to 20 degrees in a hermetically sealed vessel.

It is recommended to stay 48 hours to fully mature.

It’s good for a baby as a substitute for milk.

The healing or therapeutic properties of this natural drink are coming from its microbiota.

Also, in 1887 it was recognized as the most powerful remedy of combating tuberculosis.

Health benefits of kefir:

– Stomach discomfort

– Chest pains

– Liver irritation


– Certain kidney disease

– Skin diseases

– Anemia

– Constipation

– Helps with cardiovascular disease


– Various allergies

– It`s also beneficial in asthma

– It helps with impotence

– Nourishes

– Breaks down cholesterol

– Can prevent and treat cancer

– It has also all the vitamins necessary for life

Much more is related to kefir and its beneficial effect.

However, first of all, you need to pay attention to its dosage and also prescription.

That is for people that will decide to have homemade kefir.

Daily usage of kefir:

A half liter for:

– If you have problems with asthma

– Bronchitis problems

– Stomach problems

– Digestive problems

– Eczema

– Constipation, etc.

In addition, you need to drink 1 liter for:

– Against cancer (preventive)

Kidneys problems

– Bladder problems

– Pox – Hives



– Anemia

– Leukemia

– Sclerosis

– Insomnia

– Nervous system

– Alcoholism, etc.

If you have not tried yet this healthy natural drink, now it`s the time to start preparing and also use this healthy beverage to have a healthy body.


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