Home Health At 19, She Had A 309 pounds! How This Woman Lose Pounds! (PHOTO)
At 19, She Had A 309 pounds! How This Woman Lose Pounds! (PHOTO)

At 19, She Had A 309 pounds! How This Woman Lose Pounds! (PHOTO)

You need to read this story about a woman that lose pounds and decide if you can do that.

For years she was the victim of insults, and her pain she tries to soothe with overeating.

At one point, she realized that she cannot longer hide behind their weight.

That`s why Connor Rench totally changed her life and lose pounds.

Connor Rench had a first insulting because of obesity as a 6-year-old girl.

At teens age, people insult Connor because of her weight.

The culmination of verbal abuse was a cruel anonymous message which said that “it would be best to simply take her own life because it is fat and ugly.”

But not only children were cruel to her.

A moment of humiliation that she will never forget was the buying dresses for prom.

She visited with mother one store and she really liked a dress on one puppet.

When the mother asked the seller if they have a model in a larger size – it is only levied Connor from head to toe.

In addition, seller mockingly remarked that “with them certainly will not find anything in her size.”

Follow Connor`s way and lose pounds

Lose Pounds 2With 19 years hers weighed was 309 pounds.

“I looked in the mirror and decided that it was time for a change, lose pounds, and beat overweight.”

For two years she managed to reduce her weight and to lose 155 pounds.

Lose Pounds 3That`s happened thankfully to the complete change of lifestyle.

She used a healthier diet to lose pounds.

At the same time, she found a new favorite exercise – kickboxing.

It was in fact, one of the secrets of successful weight loss.

We need to find an activity that will help our body, but also to entertain us.

If you cannot imagine of going to the gym or running, think about what it is good for you motivating activity – dancing, pilates, yoga or maybe boxing.

Connor made an incredible transformation of the health and body.

Connor was on the cover of a special issue of the American magazine People dedicated to weight loss.

She received e-mails from girls and women around the world who wanted hear her advice and lose pounds.

Therefore, she decided to devote herself to motivating people to lead a healthy life.

She was not hiding stretch marks and visible traces of weight loss on her body.

She was proud because there is an evidence of her healthy fighting against weight.

A lot of women easily identify with her and wanted to hear her advice.

“I am blessed with the huge amount of love and support that I am receiving.”

“I hope I can continue to inspire people to achieve their goals,” concluded Connor.

Read on to learn 10 golden tips and lose pounds:

-1. Eat 5-6 meals per day (three large and several smaller ones)

-2. Avoid foods high in trans-fats, artificial sugar, and fried food.

-3. Unhealthy fats replace with healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, sesame oil)

-4. Reduce maximum your intake of products made from white flour.

-5. Consume foods that are in-season, preferably local, and organic.

-6. Eat slowly and do not rush when it’s time for meals.

-7. Get plenty of fluids, minimum 1.5 liters of water a day.

-8. Reduce the consumption of carbonated drinks and alcohol.

-9. Consume enough micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

-10. Have this calories value always near you or in the kitchen

-11. Do not forget about physical activity that is necessary for successful weight loss.

We hope that this real story will help you to reduce overweight and change your way of living.

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