2 Recipes For Weight Loss Treatment! Lose 7 Kg For 7 Days!

Weight Loss Treatment

Weight Loss Treatment

Nowadays, there are more and more different products at the market of for quick weight loss treatment, which generally are not natural and certainly not healthy for your body.

It would be best if you are able to live and work in harmony with nature and to use safe herbal benefits for your weight loss treatment.

For this reason, experts have done a variety of analyzes for losing excess weight and they come to the conclusion that there are two blends of teas that can help you for your weight loss treatment.

Weight loss treatment with teas for your desire body

In this article, you will find these two prescriptions with which you will in combination with exercise and proper Chrono diet lose 7 kg for 7 days.

Natural teas to lose 7 kg for 7 days

Recipe No. 1

To make this tea, it is the best to visit the herbal pharmacy in your city, in order to obtain all the necessary ingredients.

For the preparation of tea you need:

– 40 grams of willow bark

– 40 grams of elderflower

– 40 grams of lime

– 40 grams of lemon balm

– 40 grams of nettle

The process of preparing medicinal tea:

All these ingredients pour into a glass jar and stir well.

One tablespoon of this mixture put 3 dl of boiling water.

A mixture that you put in the cup, cover and let it rest for about twenty minutes.

After that, strain and your tea is ready for drinking.

We recommend you to drink this mixture three times a day before meals.

You can drink tea about 10 to 20 consecutive days, take a break for a week and you will lose 7 kg for 7 days.

Recipe No. 2

This is another great tea for weight loss, and for preparation of this tea you will need:

– 40 g of leaves of sage

– 40 g of horsetail

– 40 g sheets of wormwood

The process of preparing this tea for weight loss:

All these ingredients pour into a glass jar and mix well.

Take one tablespoon of this mixture and place it in a cup.

The contents of the cup pour with 3 dl of boiling water.

Then all of this cover and let it rest for about 20 minutes to half an hour.

At the end strain tea and drink.

This tea you can drink at any time of day, it`s not depending on your meals.

Our recommendation is to drink 3 times a day and get rid of 7 kg for 7 days.


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