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25 Amazing Health Benefits Of Wild Oregano Oil!

25 Amazing Health Benefits Of Wild Oregano Oil!

Wild oregano oil, derived from wild oregano, is one of the best natural oils since the ancient times.

Oregano is a wild, a Mediterranean plant that applies to one of the most sophisticated plants of the world.

Types of oregano

There are over 40 species of oregano.

In culinary people use “Origanum Vulgare” most often.

However, the most sophisticated herb is considered “Origanum minutiflorum“.

This herb contains up to 90 percent of the active ingredient carvacrol, which has strong antibacterial properties.

All about wild oregano oil

The ancient Greeks used wild oregano oil to treat wounds, snake bites, and also the discomfort of the dissecting paths.

British scientists have confirmed in the research that this oil is effective against 25 different bacteria.

It is most effective against most bacteria that cause colon and urinary tract infection, typhus, cholera, ulcer, and skin infections.

In addition, to destroying bacteria, this oil has a powerful antiviral effect.

It also protects against flu, colds, and nausea.

Aggressive anti-inflammatory properties of oregano oil prevent stubborn infections such as candidiasis, nail fungus, scalp fungus as well as athletic foot.

Wild oregano oil can also be a part of cancer treatment.

Scientists have also tested the compound carvacrol on the cells of prostate cancer.

The research showed that carvacrol caused a state called apoptosis – self-destruction of cancer cells.

This natural and powerful oil also helps if you have a bad breath or excessive sweating.

In addition, it also helps with muscles inflammation, kills different parasites, joints, tendons, prevents infections and is used as the first aid to snake bites and insects.

Here are 25 health benefits of wild oregano oil:

– It is the antibacterial killer of germs

– Can treat a sinus infection

– Boost your immune system

– Help against viruses

– For weight loss

– Also, has anti-venom properties

– Can treat acne and pimples and also different skin conditions

– You can use it against pain

– It has anti-aging properties

– Helps in a toothache

– Helps digestion

– Calms menstrual pain

– Also, it has nutritional properties

– It is natural insect repellent

– It can fight bugs that are antibiotic resistance

– Can treat dandruff

– Against parasites

– Can treat infections and allergies

– Also can treat toe and nail fungus

– It has antibiotic properties

– Against bladder infections and cystitis

– Against bad breath

– Help against gingivitis

– Also, can treat bronchitis, colds, flu

– Treating athlete foot and ringworm

Source: www.up-nature.com





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