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4 Extremely Sincere Stories Of People Winning Cancer! These Are Their Recipes!

4 Extremely Sincere Stories Of People Winning Cancer! These Are Their Recipes!

Doctors said that the change of diet will not hurt, but will not help in the fight against cancer!

But miracles do happen!

As much as the diagnosis can be frightening, there are often stories of individuals who have taken health into their own hands.

Moreover, they beat the disease cancer with natural methods.

Whether it’s a vegetarian diet or macrobiotic, these are the stories of people who have won the deadly disease and continue to lead healthy lives.

Food as medicine

You must have already heard once that someone refused to be treated with conventional therapy against this deadly disease and resorted to a natural solution.

Although each method has a different approach, they all have one common element – healthy diet for treatment.

For some treatments, the key is a natural juice, while others correspond to vegetables and cereals.

In any case, it is certain that a healthy diet is a powerful treatment for this deadly disease.

Sincere stories of people winning cancer

“You are crazy”

Kris was diagnosed with colon cancer when he was close to thirty years.

After he was part of the large intestine is removed surgically, along with a tumor the size of a golf ball, a doctor told him that there is nothing that would ensure that it remains healthy and that can be expected to live at best for another 5 years.

When Kris refused chemotherapy, his doctor told him “You’re crazy if you think you will be saved without chemotherapy”.

After much research and prayer, Kris wanted to try conventional treatments in alternative medicine, specifically a vegetarian diet.

As a result, Kris lives without cancer over 8 years.

“Just a few weeks of life”

Janet has had 45 years when she discovered that he was suffering from lung cancer in the fourth stage.

Janet chose chemotherapy, but because of serious side effects, she stopped the treatment after the first dose.

Her doctor advised her to try a macrobiotic diet.

For a short time, Janet`s results have begun to mend.

Her tumors gradually become extinct. Six years later, she is still alive.

In addition, she doesn`t have cancer and is leading macrobiotic lifestyle.

“Changing diet will not hurt, but will not help”

Joyce was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

She possessed a tumor the size of a rugby ball and 2.5 kilograms on the left side of the body.

Doctors told her she would live no longer than three years and that chemotherapy will not cure cancer.

Joyce decided to Gerson diet. Soon after, although her doctors told her change of diet will not help, they told her to continue to do whatever it does.

Joyce has cured cancer and now lives vigorous and healthy life with his family.


Elena’s doctors recommend chemotherapy when she was diagnosed with colon cancer in the third stage.

Before she began the treatment, her mother was called Charlotte Gerson, who had persuaded to try the alternative therapies.

Elena heard advice and adopted a new organic vegetarian diet.

Five years later, Elena no longer has cancer and has more energy than ever before.

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