4 Hygiene Tips For Vaginal Area! Every woman needs to know!

Vaginal Area

Woman need to increase personal hygiene at vaginal area due to excessive sweating during summer and heat.

That means that they need to nurture closer their private parts of the bodies.

Use the following hygiene laws and freshness for a vaginal area so you can truly relax and enjoy the summer days.

Hygiene tips for vaginal area

-1. Use soap odorless

It will be best to wash your vaginal area just with plain water because vagina has the ability to clean itself.

If, however, you cannot leave out the soap, use one neutral or odorless.

The vagina can never be washed from the inside because it washes away the healthy bacteria which in turn may increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, inflammation and other infections.

If you suffer from a strange odor or vaginal infection you need to consult a gynecologist.

-2. Carefully choose underwear

You need to avoid lace, satin, and synthetic panties during the summer in a wide berth.

This underwear retains moisture during the summer and heat and can also cause fungal infections.

The best choice will be to wear a hundred percent cotton slips that are airy and do not retain moisture.

Also, you need to change your wet clothes (exercise clothes or swimming costume) as soon as possible.

-3. Use good intimate wipes

Always with you, keep a packet of intimate wipes to refresh your vaginal area.

Buy wipes that are completely natural and does not contain alcohol.

-4. Get rid of ingrown hairs

One of the side effects of waxing is increased the tendency to ingrown hairs.

Of course, no woman wants hair around the vaginal area when she put a swimsuit.

To prevent ingrown hairs you need to make peeling on your vaginal area two days after waxing.

Use just peeling that contains only natural ingredients.

You need to do peeling every day to prevent ingrown hairs.

After peeling, apply ointment for ingrown hairs on the dry skin.

That will calm the skin and also reduce the possibility to get ingrown hairs.

In addition, never don`t try to pull out ingrown hairs.

The bacteria on the hands can do more harm than good and can cause infection and scarring.

As all women know, vaginal care is one of the most important things for their bodies and healthy life.

Share this useful hygiene tips for the vaginal area with your friends and family.

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