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4 Meals That Nutritionists Never Eat For Breakfast!

4 Meals That Nutritionists Never Eat For Breakfast!

We all know that our morning meal – breakfast is the “most important meal”.

However, if you eat “wrong” foods, it does more harm than good.

Many times we have heard that what we eat in the morning is also important as it triggers metabolism.

In addition, it is important to control body weight.

Therefore, it’s not only important to eat something, but what’s important is what you eat.

More precisely, eating “wrong” foods for breakfast can harm you or break down the hormones that also play a crucial role in controlling fat in the body.

Here’s what the worst choices are when it comes to morning meal and also what nutritionists would never eat for the first meal.

Avoid these meals for breakfast

1. Fruit yogurt

It’s OK if you use “plain” or homemade yogurt and also add natural fruits to it.

That is because sugars in such yogurt and also fruits are natural.

On the other hand, if you eat processed fruit yogurt and also muesli your fist meal, you probably add about 20-20 grams or 5-7 teaspoons of sugar to your daily dose.

In addition, remember that what looks healthy does not mean there is no added sugar.

2. Pancakes

Pancakes can be a quick and also tasty breakfast.

In addition, that is practical especially if you go somewhere to have a snack at weekends.

Also, when it comes to supplements, syrup, fruits, ice cream, creams give the sweet taste.

However, this meal can contain up to 50 grams of sugar.

On the other hand contains a large number of refined carbohydrates, thanks to the fine flour from which it is made.

This combination of sugar and also starch results in a high level of insulin.

Therefore, it is not advisable to eat pancakes frequently, especially for your morning meal.

3. Bacon and eggs

Eggs are sometimes referred to as breakfast options because they contain plenty of protein and also nutrients.

On the other hand, if you eat a lot of fatty bacon with them, and with this, you also have a large piece of white bread, this breakfast becomes a meal rich in saturated fats, salt and also processed charcoal hydrates.

That is almost one of the worst combinations of nutrition.

What is the best option then?

The best option is cloud eggs with cereal flakes.

In addition, if you need to add the bacon, look as low in fat and make it small, slim pieces.

4. Sweetened drinks

It is irrelevant whether your choice is a fruity drink, coffee, or something else.

However, if your regular breakfast contains a lot of sugar, it affects the level of insulin.

High levels of insulin over time can also lead to fat storage instead of fat burning.

Because of this, foods that contain a lot of concentrated sugar (including fruit sugars, sugars or syrup) are not a good choice for morning meal because they raise insulin levels.

Generally, when it comes to beverages, it is best to avoid sweetening.

That is important, especially in the morning when hormone levels and also appetite are “programmed” for the rest of the day.


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