4 Most Powerful Ingredients Against Inflammation!


There are 4 most powerful ingredients that will help us against inflammation and also to lose weight.

An exceptionally large number of different diets that you may encounter, it becomes very burdensome for those who want to get rid of excess kilograms.

The first solution is in choosing healthy foods that fight inflammation and also to lose weight.

In addition, it is very important that we always enjoy the food.

This is much more important than the adherence to certain foods that you do not like.

These are the 4 most powerful ingredients against inflammation

Wild salmon

Wild salmon is consuming small crabs full of anti-inflammatory antioxidants called astaxanthin.

You eat what they eat!

Wild salmon contains more omega-3 fatty acids than other salmon and, therefore, choose smartly.

Wild salmon also provides you with the necessary vitamin D.

Research shows that fats remain in the body rather than burn in the case of vitamin D deficiencies.

Wild salmon is well combined in all meals with many different flavors.

Make sure you buy it on a real fish market.

Acai berries

There are more reasons to start a day with a full cup of Acai berries!

Blackberries, blueberries, and also raspberries are full of fiber and you will be saturated and satisfied.

Acai berries are rich in natural sugar and you can eat lots of them without thinking about your weight.

For example, a cup of forest strawberries contains only 50 calories.

A half cup of raspberry contains 4 grams of fiber.

A half cup of blackberries contains 3,8 grams of fiber.

In addition, half cup of blueberries or strawberries contains 1,7 grams of fiber.

All berry fruits contain plenty of polyphenols.

Polyphenols are micronutrients that help prevent cellular changes by slowing down and blocking inflammatory processes in the body.


Eggs are almost perfect food and a real bomb when it comes to nutrition.

They contain 7 grams of protein and also anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids.

Sometimes, medical experts warned us that there are negative consequences of too much egg in the diet.

However, that is different these days.

We now know that cholesterol in the diet is not harmful and that it is, in fact, necessary to achieve optimal cell function.

If you want to eat eggs every day, just go ahead.

However, do not eat more than two a day.

Serve them in any way, hard cooked or poached.

You can also add a quarter cup of a black bean that contributes to the anti-inflammatory protein content.

In addition, you can use a few avocado leaves for the required amount of healthy fat and fiber.

Hemp seeds

This food is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of anti-inflammatory properties.

Only two teaspoons contain 11 grams of protein!

The hemp seeds are easy to involve in the diet.

You can add them in your smoothies or oat flakes and get the perfect meal.

Are you tired of oat flakes?

Try quinoa.

Add almond milk and also hemp seeds to multiple proteins, as well as your favorite berry fruit.

We suggest also a softly cooked egg on top.

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