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4 Reasons Why (Not) Allowed To Leave A Pet In Your Bed!

4 Reasons Why (Not) Allowed To Leave A Pet In Your Bed!

Those who suffer from allergies should not allow the pet to go into their bedroom.

Like their owners, pets like to feel one’s closeness and warmth, especially at night.

Therefore, it is not surprising that sometimes many people allow their pets, namely dogs, and cats to sleep with them.

If you are among these people, be careful on some things.

At the same time, there are very positive by sharing the bed with a lover.

Learn why is sleeping with a cat or dog well, and why not!

The reasons for sleeping with a pet

-1. Decreased stress

Pampering pets reduces stress levels, and increases levels of the hormone oxytocin.

This hormone reduces stress and reduces the production of “blame” for stress hormone cortisol.

A similar function has to and to sleep with a pet.

-2. Feeling safe

The animals have a much stronger sense of why people give us a sense of security.

If the pet something smell, hear or otherwise sense that something is happening around your home, or it feel any danger, you can be sure that will alert you to this.

-3. The warmth and pleasantness

A furry friend can keep you warm during the cold nights, and the pet will also be warmer.

-4. Better friends

If you share a bed with a lover, even more, you will be associated with him and become even better friends.

This connection can lead to the fact that pet`s sleeping habits will align with your sleeping habits.

This means that the animals sleep at night and will not wake you up.

Reasons against sleeping with your pet

-1. Interrupted sleep

Dogs and cats have different sleep schedule than people.

Therefore, they are quite restless “partners” to sleep.

Often they wake up earlier than people.

Moreover, the cats are especially nocturnal, so for your fur friend may be the perfect time for breakfast at four o`clock in the morning.

A dog can begin to growl or bark in the middle of the night for something that is happening out there.

Those are some reasons that you will wake up.

-2. Dirty bed

Cats and dogs are known to be very clean animals.

If you live with them in the house or apartment you should not have any problems with dirt.

But, debris from dirt can be on the paws after a walk and bring it to bed.

Cats enter into a box that they use as a toilet so dirt can also stay on the feet.

Therefore, before going to bed wash your pet paws with a damp cloth and soap.

-3. Difficult weaning

When a dog or cat get used to sleeping with you, be difficult to wean from it.

Cats are especially resolute in their intentions and will mew or scratch the bedroom door until you leave them in the room.

-4. Possible allergies

If you have the mildest form of allergies to your pet’s fur, sharing the bed with him is not a good idea.

The possible allergens, skin flakes, and hair that pets can get from outside may cause unpleasant itching and also sleepless night.

Be a friend with your family members (pets) and care about them as you care for your children.




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