Home Beauty 4 Secrets Of Japanese Women! The Women Always Remain Slim And Fit! Here Is How They Do It!
4 Secrets Of Japanese Women! The Women Always Remain Slim And Fit! Here Is How They Do It!

4 Secrets Of Japanese Women! The Women Always Remain Slim And Fit! Here Is How They Do It!


If you like to have a slim and fit body as Japanese women you should change some unhealthy habits in your lifestyle.

Too much attention is paid to the intake of protein, carbohydrates and calories.

We lose sight of the most important thing.

Our body target is health and we just have to follow and listen the speech of our body.

If you want to look fit and feel good, you should note the following four main rules of Japanese women.

The 4 rules of Japanese women

-1. If you practice as a sumo wrestler, will look like a sumo wrestler

Sumo wrestlers do not eat breakfast.

First thing in the morning is to do strength training.

Then they have a huge lunch and then they go to sleep.

Then they wake up and repeat the whole routine again.

Another disadvantage of excessive cardio exercise is hyperventilation.

Calm breathing signals to the body that it is everything all right.

As soon as your body begins to feel stress, your brain will warn you to get a dose of energy.

The easiest way of getting energy is from sugary foods.

The main sign that you have gone too far with your workout is when you feel hungry as a bear.

-2. Warmth is life

Energy food is one of the most popular routes in the western dietetics based on Eastern principles: warmth is life.

Food is the energy we consume in order to survive.

Summer vegetables and fruits help the body to adjust to the heat.

Winter foods contain more calories to our body to keep heat in cold seasons.

Many nutritionists advise diet with raw vegetables and fruits and more greens.

There is no doubt that this is healthy, but your body is cooling due to large amounts of raw food.

Therefore, you want to eat more food to keep warm yourself.

Remember that you can cook vegetables.

It may not contain as much vitamin as before cooking, but your body will get more heat and energy.

-3. Drinking liquids during meals is unhealthy

The Japanese women never drink anything while eating.

This is the ayurvedic principle – drink at least half an hour after a meal.

First, the liquid cools the body.

And second, it’s bad for the digestion.

Scientists explain that the water neutralizes the acid by the stomach for digestion products.

As a result, your body needs more energy to complete this process and that’s why you want to eat again.

Food can also provide the body enough fluids, which is why the Japanese women love hot Sushi.

-4. The hot bath extends your life

After a hot bath, you will always feel very calm, your muscles will be relaxed, and your circulation improved.

If you practiced taking a hot bath at least twice a month, your skin will be clearer.

In addition, a hot bat will improve digestion.

Japanese women fill a water level in a bathtub to the level of the heart.

If the water level is higher, your blood pressure will rise.

The temperature should be 38 ° C – 40 ° C.

That temperature is ideal for our body and will improve circulation.


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