Home Health 5 Useful Ways To Use Eggshells! Do Not Throw Them, They Are Gold Treasure!
5 Useful Ways To Use Eggshells! Do Not Throw Them, They Are Gold Treasure!

5 Useful Ways To Use Eggshells! Do Not Throw Them, They Are Gold Treasure!

It’s time for flowers and gardens where eggshells will offer you a great help.

It is no secret that the eggs are full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Therefore, chicken eggs are one of the most delicious foods in the world.

Around the world, the average person eats around 150 to 200 chicken eggs a year.

What is happening with all these eggshells?

The chicken eggshell consists of 96% calcium carbonate crystals that are mutually bound to the proteins.

Because of all this, you should never, but never throw egg shells.

We suggest you 5 ways for eggshells in your garden:

– 1. Fertilizer

Tomatoes and peppers need a lot of calcium when growing.

Therefore, grind the eggshells and put them in a hole where you will plant this vegetable.

In the late fall, when you prepare the land for rest, you also put in the garden and poke the ground.

In the spring when the sun is shining, the plants will be grateful to you for this.

– 2. Eliminator of snails

Every devoted gardener has problems with snails.

As soon as you get the first green vegetable (for salad) they eat it until the last piece.

But now you can use the shells from eggs to separate your plant and make a border around them.

Snails will not be able to cross over rough edge of the shells.

– 3. Glass for seedlings

When you break the egg you get two equal shells.

Make also small holes at the bottom of these shells to drain and you will get an excellent pot for seedlings.

Then fill the shells with soil and put them back into cardboard boxes.

After a couple of weeks, you will get new sprouts.

When the plant will be sufficiently strong for planting plant them in the garden.

There is no need to remove the shells.

Just put them together with your plant in the garden.

The shell will eventually decompose and provide the root with the necessary fertilizer.

– 4. Food for birds

If you want to help small birds to survive the cold winter, it’s enough to crush a little eggshell in the feeders around the yard.

It will empower them enough to survive the harsh living conditions.

– 5. Aesthetics

You can cover the earth around the plant with a cracked eggshell.

The flowers in the flower pot will thrive and you will have a nice decoration.

Of course, read the most important health benefit of eggshells for the human body.

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