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50 Years Medical Nurse Cures Cancer Patients With Essiac Tea!

50 Years Medical Nurse Cures Cancer Patients With Essiac Tea!

Is it possible that there is a cheap tea of four plants – Essiac Tea that can cure cancer, maybe even AIDS?

Namely, Rene Caisse, a modest nurse from Canada, has been using Essiac Tea for over 50 years.

She treated cancer patients in her Bracebridge – Canadian village north of Toronto, and also claims it is entirely possible!

In addition, she did not ask for money for her services, but only as much as people could afford.

So far she doesn`t refuse anybody.

After 1937 she stopped charging her services.

However, she has only received criticism from the Canadian Ministry of Health, and private corporations have refused to aggravate this tea as an anti-cancer remedy.

Although Rene has been using this tea for many years, it is the origin of native Indians in northern Canada.

Rene worked as a nurse at a Canadian hospital in 1922 when an elderly patient came to her, who had survived breast cancer for 30 years.

That woman lived in a remote Canadian mining camp with her husband.

Thirty years ago she was told to have breast cancer and also that she will have to remove her breast.

She did not agree to the operation and she was back in the camp.

There she met a native from the Ojibwe tribe who gave her a cancer recipe and showed her herbs to use.

Essiac tea history

He also showed her where to pick up the herbs, and how to prepare tea.

She followed his instructions and claimed that she had been completely cured for a couple of months and also lived healthily for the next 30 years.

Rene had aunt and stepfather who were suffering from cancer at that time.

At that time, she was interested in this tea and the older woman gave her a recipe.

Rene claims she has managed to cure her family members!

After that, she began to use a recipe in a clinic in which she worked from 1934 to 1942.

At that time, she recovered hundreds of cancer patients.

She was breeding her own plants from which her tea was prepared.

Of course, Rene Caisse soon became the target of the Canadian authorities.

However, she was not arrested solely because he had a great deal of support from the Bracebridge City Council and several prestigious doctors.

Also, she had a great support from numerous patients.

Thanks to great support, Rene Caisse has been allowed to treat cancer under three conditions:

-1. To treat only patients who are severely ill

-2. Have an experienced physician for diagnosis of the disease

-3. Do not get money for her services.

She agreed with these conditions and continued to treat the people.

Despite the testimonies of many successfully cured patients, the public did not know for tea for a long time.

Essiac tea public use

Rene Cassie’s succeeded in informing the public about her tea only in 1977, one year before her death.

She made an agreement with one company for which she thought the company would legalize her tea.

However, this company, in cooperation with the Canadian authorities, suppresses a remedy and its formula.

Fortunately, Dr. Gary Glum had heard about the properties of Essiac tea and began to wonder for this recipe.

He found a person from Detroit who had been also cured with this tea.

In addition, her cancer was diagnosed as an incurable form of breast cancer.

Gary bought her a recipe and then went to Mary McPherson, a close friend to Rene Caisse, to confirm the authenticity of the recipe.

Dr. Glum received from Mary McPherson a lot of information`s about Rene Caisse and also wrote a book about it.

He had to publish by himself a controversial book “Calling of an Angel” because no publishing house wanted to risk the lawsuit.

Likewise, he also published a book about the source of AIDS as an artificially created disease for population depopulation.

The Dr. Glum came to great trouble because of the publication of the truth about the Essiac tea.

Also, at some point, they even threatened with death to him and his family.

The books of Dr. Glum are pretty hard to find today, although they may still be available on the internet in “pdf” format.

In an interview somewhere around 1990, he said he had cured 5 patients that suffered from AIDS.

He gave them tea for three times a day.

Dr. Glum also treats and cancer patients, including a boy suffering from terminal leukemia.

The boy recovered completely from this tea.

However, later the boy died of an infarct due to the damage chemotherapy caused earlier.

The truth about Essiac tea

Dr. Geary Glum found information about Dr. Charles A. Brusch, who was the personal doctor of the President John F. Kennedy.

At that time, Dr. Brusch had a cancer clinic in Boston at Massachusetts, and Rene Caisse worked with him from 1959 to 1962.

Dr. Brusch has cured many cancer patients with Essiac tea.

Unfortunately, he was later obliged to stop discuss and use this tea so will not end up in jail.

Dr. Glum claims to have found Dr. Brusch`s evidence that this tea was tested in four laboratories in the US and one in Canada.

Those laboratories also confirmed that cancer was cleansed in many patients.

Thanks to Dr. Glum, Essiac tea did not fall into oblivion:

Essiac tea recipe

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 6 ½ cups of Burdock root (Arctium)

– 500 grams of Red sorrel powder (Rumex acetosella)

– 125 grams of Slippery elm powder (Ulmus Rubra)

– 28 grams of Turkish Rhubarb powder (Rheum palmatum)

Preparation of the recipe:

You need to mix ingredients well before you put them into the water.

You also need to keep the mixture in a dark glass in a dark place.

Always take 30 grams of a mixture with 900 grams of water.

You need to cook tea without the lid for 10-20 minutes and then cover with the lid and leave it overnight.

In the morning, you need to warm up the tea, but not boil it.

Then put into a glass cup or ceramic cup.

When the sealed bowl is opened once you need to keep it in the fridge.

You can make from this amount of ingredients, about 7.5 liters of tea.

Also, the dose depends on the stage of the disease.

To strengthen the immune system and against mild conditions, you need to take 56 grams per day.

The dose can be up to three times greater and applied three times a day.

Of course, that is depending on the severity of the disease.

The tea stored in the fridge can be added to warm water or you can also warm up it.

People that suffer from cancer and AIDS also have to obey an organic diet without meat.

In addition, they need to intake as much vitamin D and vitamin C as possible.

It is important to note that the quality of tea depends to a great extent on the quality of the ingredients.

Dr. Glum noted that there are people who make tea from irradiated herbs or replace herb Red sorrel with weeds.

Therefore, it is important to take care of where do you buy or where do you purchase the tea.

Source: thetruthaboutcancer.com





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