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6 Heavy Toxins That Every Day We Put In The Body! Poisons In Your Home!

6 Heavy Toxins That Every Day We Put In The Body! Poisons In Your Home!

Unfortunately, in our daily life, we ​​can hardly avoid heavy toxins – chemicals.

In addition, most of them are toxic, even if we use them in a proper way.

The heavy toxins are frequently the triggers of many severe diseases in humans.

Therefore, we need to pay attention and limit uses of these heavy toxins to a minimum!

6 heavy toxins in our everyday life

Bisphenol A – BPA

Bisphenol A is one of the main components of plastic bottles and also companies use this compound for coating the inner layer of cans.

Harmful effects:

It makes hard a function of the endocrine glands.

In addition, it works similarly to the organism as hormone estrogen.

Also, it encourages premature entry into puberty in girls and breast growth in boys.

It can cause problems with fertility and disrupt the functioning of the heart.

How to avoid:

Avoid canned food, however, if you use it, as soon as you open the can transfer content in a ceramic bowl.

If you use plastic bottles for drinks, choose those that have labeled “BPA free”.

The ice buckets often contain bisphenol.

Therefore, when you use ice, do not drink to the bottom.

You need to leave a few millimeters at the bottom of the cup.

In addition, do not use plastic bottles twice.


Phthalates have a very wide range of applications – from capsules, pills and plastic bags to cosmetics and also edible gels.

Plastic bags and shower curtains have also phthalates in order to increase flexibility.

Phthalates extend shelf life to cosmetics and food ingredients and also allows you to store the fragrance of ingredients.

Harmful effects:

It disrupts hormonal balance in the body.

This compound particularly disturbs the secretion of testosterone and also the female sex hormone estradiol.

This hormone estradiol is important for the construction of women’s breasts.

The European Union and the USA have forbidden the use of these substances.

How to avoid them:

Avoid products with artificial scents, cosmetics that contain phthalates.

In addition, try to put your food in containers made of glass and ceramics.

Instead of a plastic disposable cup, you can use that cardboard.


Salt of perchloric acid is primarily used as rocket fuel, in pyrotechnics and some matches and torches.

All areas in which they fired rockets are contaminated with those compounds, which have no taste or smell.

Studies show a negligible quantity of perchlorates in eggs, milk, fruits and also vegetables grown in those areas.

Harmful effects:

Those heavy toxins have an influence on the thyroid gland, which controls all the hormones in the body, especially complicates the use of iodine.

How to avoid them:

It is always good to know the origin of the foods we eat.

However, in this case, it is very difficult to avoid foods that contain this material.

In order to decrease these compounds, it is useful to eat foods rich in iodine, such as seafood and iodized salt.


The biggest pollutants with the lead are the paint colors on the basis of this metal and can be found in water.

Lead pipes, if they are whole, are not a problem because they very quickly create a layer of lead oxide on the surface, which prevents further melting of lead.

However, if the pipes are very old, with large limescale deposits can break in pieces that will end up in a glass of water if is not properly filtered.

Another major source of these compounds is water from the boiler.

The high temperature is melting of minerals that include also mineral lead.

Harmful effects:

Like some other harmful heavy metals, lead is difficult to remove from the human organs.

It can cause various problems, such as increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Cortisol deposited primarily in the legs, can cause problems with motor skills and circulation.

How to avoid:

You need to eat healthy and organically grown food and drink filtered water.

If you make a home renovation, do not forget to water pipes.

Also, do not use water from the boiler for drinks.


Mercury is a byproduct of heavy industry, which can find in various types of fish and seafood.

Harmful effects:

Large amounts of mercury in the body affect the menstrual cycle of a woman and her ovulation.

However, it can also damage the cells of the pancreas, which produces insulin and regulate blood sugar levels – diabetes.

How to avoid:

Do not avoid fish and seafood, but you can select smaller pieces, such as the Adriatic sardines.

That is also the possibility to absorb this metal in smaller amounts.

Perfluorinated compound (PFCs)

Perfluorinated compound – PFCs are used in the production of containers with bottom-stick, in making carpets and clothing that is designed to repel dirt, but also for food packaging.

For example, there are the pizza boxes or packages of popcorn intended for preparation in a microwave oven.

Harmful effects:

These chemicals affect the thyroid gland, and thus all the hormones in the body.

Some particular studies show that frequent exposure to these dangerous chemicals decreases fertility in men and women.

How to avoid them:

Read the declaration and try to avoid using cookware with the special bottom.

In addition, it`s not good to scrub that cookware.

The best option is to use ceramic cookware for cooking.

Now you know the uses of those heavy toxins, and, please, try to avoid all of them.


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