6 Tips To Prevent Vaginal Aging! Save Intimate Health!

Vaginal Aging

Along with these tips for vaginal aging, you will also keep the youthful look of the intimate part of the body.

As the years go by, everything on the body changes, and also does the vagina as well.

After the age of 20, the vagina is already beginning to lose fat in the outer lipstick and also fatty tissue over the lips.

In addition, during vaginal aging, this area is losing the volume as well as with aging it losing both the breasts and also the face.

Vaginal aging is a process that is also following by its stretching.

In addition, as a woman gets closer to menopause, the mucous membrane and also blood flow diminish.

At the same time, during the diminishing of blood flow also the muscles of the pelvis are weakening.

As a result of vaginal aging, the vagina is relaxed that can negatively reflect on your bedroom and also self-confidence.

How to prolong the vaginal aging

Kegel exercise

One of the ways to prevent this condition is also to practice Kegel exercise.

Gynecologists advise vaginal pressure on the vagina for 5 seconds, relax muscles and also re-press it 10 times 3 times a day.

You can do these exercises anytime, anywhere, even during sex, which will also further boost your stimuli.

Use also pilates ball instead of office chair 15 minutes a day

A pilates ball – exercise ball, stimulates the contractions at pelvic muscles and also maintains its tone.

This is a very effective way to maintain the youthful look and also prevents aging of the vagina.

Sexual activity

Due to insufficient stimulation and also reduced blood flow, tissue and muscle changes to your vagina.

In addition, the blood flow is very important for moisturizing, and also it is well known that women with age lose the ability to moisten.

Also, practice cycling

Constantly friction between the groin and the bicycle seat pulls and also stretches the vaginal lips, and is especially useful in naturally expressing lips.

Also, never use aggressive cleaning agents

It is recommended to use mild cleaning agents because the basic cleaning of the vagina is unnecessarily dry and also irritates.

In addition, aggressive cleaning agents are also leading to premature aging.

It is best to use some mild soap for an intimate girl and also simply wash the vagina with lukewarm water.

You can also take over an initiative in bed

Sometimes, the position where you are below your partner can also cause stretching of the vagina.

That is because in that position your partner controls the tempo and also intensity.

Additionally, while you are at the top, you control the power of stimulation and also with it, you are exercising the vagina muscles.

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