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6 Weird Tricks To Help Lose Weight!

6 Weird Tricks To Help Lose Weight!

Nowadays, in this modern and busy life is not easy to lose weight.

You may think that the only goal is to start eating healthy food.

However, the trick lies in adopting new habits.

In order to ease the weight loss process, we are determined to share with you these six tricks that you have not heard so far.

Tricks that help to lose weight

If these habits lead you to a state that you do not feel comfortable in your body, change them.

But slowly, do not force it.

The results do not come overnight.

Moreover, remind yourself that you can do all you want, just believe in yourself.

-1. Choose the smallest portion when you eat outside

Read the whole menu slowly.

Even if you are at a place where they sell burgers and also other unhealthy foods, choose the smallest possible portion.

That can be mini popcorn, a light salad or mini hamburger.

According to recent research, people who do not order the main dish tend to eat everything in front of them.

Of course, they do that even they are not hungry.

-2. Be optimistic because every positive thought is worth

The point is that you focus only on positive thoughts and also repeat your goals in a positive way.

That is almost the same such as mantras.

For example:

– “I lost one pound. That’s great!”

– “Slowly but surely”

– “I can only eat the portion I took”

“I can say NO to the dessert”

Such optimistic phrases and also a positive attitude will help you achieve the goals.

-3. Better eat alone than with a company

When you decide on changes in your diet, you usually expect support from your family and also friends.

But it has been scientifically proven that people who eat in the company also eat larger quantities of food.

This usually happens because you spend more time at the table, so with talk and laughter, you have no control over the amount of food you consume.

-4. When you feel hungry just smell a banana

This may sound a bit crazy, but it is actually proven that scenting fruit like apples and also bananas can fool your mind.

A study of 3000 volunteers who smelled such food in times of hunger showed a decrease in the appetite.

Fantastic, is not it?

-5. Blue is your new favorite color

Recently, research has shown that blue color also reduces appetite.

Therefore, try to decorate your table or tablecloth with blue things, plates or glasses.

This is called color psychology, and also there are colors that stimulate your appetite.

Blue color, on the other hand, has the opposite effect.

-6. Eat in front of the mirror

You will probably say that this is funny.

However, the scientific facts show that looking into the mirror while consuming food also reduces the intake for one third.

Share these useful tricks with your friends and also family members.

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