60 seconds Test To Check Your Internal Organs!

Internal Organs

Do you know that in just 60 seconds you can check the status of health for your internal organs?

All you need is a scoop and plastic bags.

In addition, in this way you can check if everything is OK with yours:

– Respiratory system

– Intestines

– Hormones

– Metabolism


– Teeth

This way of checking your internal organs was published in the “Daily Mail”.

The first thing that you need to do is to take off a bit of deposit from the surface of the tongue with a single spoon.

When you perform this operation try to remove layers that are closer to the throat.

Then, wrap the spoon in a plastic bag and allow stand aside for 60 seconds under strong light.

The strong light from light bulb helps the growth of bacteria.

Therefore, if your light bulb is stronger, the result of the testing your internal organs will be more visible.

Health results of testing your internal organs

In a healthy person, deposits will be clean.

However, if there are too many, they will have strange colors and odor.

This can be an early sign of problems with yours:


– Airways

– Liver

– Kidneys

– Intestines

– Hormones

If you get this result, it is advisable to see a doctor and examine what exactly is the cause for that condition.

Also, this test can help detect if you have a bad breath.

A lot of times, people are not aware of their bad breath.

If it is a fruity fragrance, this may indicate a high concentration of ketone – ketoacidosis or some metabolic disorder.

This metabolic disorder can also sometimes cause even diabetes.

When you experience some unpleasant odor that reminiscent on ammonia, maybe you have problems with your kidneys.

However, do not immediately panic.

The unpleasant breath is not always a sign of some diseases of your internal organs.

In fact, usually, it comes to problems with tonsils or gums, decay, and bad teeth.

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