7 Secret Tricks to Lose Weight at “Older” Age

7 Secret Tricks

7 Secret Tricks

It`s sadly but as we are getting older some evil forces conspire and work against us and we are losing our weight more difficult.

All those years of walking up and down on buildings, playing sports and general moving is making our joints and muscles less cooperative.

They are stiffer, they hurt more and make exercising unpleasant.

That is just a beginning. Our metabolism is gradually slowing down and it doesn`t make for us favors as we age.

People are burning 1 – 2 percentage fewer calories every year thanks to putting on fat and thanks to losing muscle mass.

We are less careful and we get into a bad cycle until our age is going up and will weight.

The NSCA – certified specialist for condition and strength and a personal trainer said if you know to work around your roadblocks – it`s easier for you to success with dropping your pounds.

7 secret tricks and you can lose your weight

Here are the 7 secret tricks:

1.Pick up those weights

When you are over 50 years old whenever you are going in the gym it`s for sure harder to pick up same weights like 30 years ago.

You don`t need to worry and we have small but good motivation for you.

You have about 20% less mass on your muscles and they have slower metabolism equals to your muscles loss.

So, pick up less weight for your training.

2.Check up on your hormones

When we are older probably our hormones could be out of balance.

You need regularly check your adrenal glands, thyroid and levels of other hormones because your body could slip very easy in fat storage mode.

Testosterone specifically is one of them and is important to watch them.

Having enough testosterone, it makes easier to slim down and stay fit.

Testosterone can help you to regulate levels of blood glucose if they are balanced.

This is very important if you like to lose your belly fat.

3.Go easy on your joints

It`s quite normal when we get older to have pains and aches.

The best way is to take activities that are easy for your joints.

Jumping in the pool is a good one as is walking a good one.

Exercise in the water, like Aquafit, can be funny, easy for your knees and they can burn a lot of calories.

If walking and water are not your things than yoga and cycling are other options.

4.Don`t be easy with you

Even you are older and you need to lift fewer weights it`s good to push little bit yourself.

You need to be sure that your exercise is enough hard and you are finishing a full motion range.

You know that losing weights is not an easy process and until you are doing everything correctly you should feel better.

5.Take advice from a physical therapist

Whatever exercise you will start to do, first you need to visit a physical therapist and take his advice about the best activities for you and what activities you need to avoid.

6.Change your diet

You need to change your diet how you are getting older.

Generally you need fewer calories but more nutrients.

So eating empty calories should be forgotten for you.

You need to focus on eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and nutrient dense foods.

7.Try to control your stress

When you are older and life can be more stressful.

You have more responsibilities than a younger man.

Generally is more responsibility on your work, taking care about your family and parents, etc.

Whatever the reasons are stress can go up on your scale.

In that situation is common that you don`t have time for the gym or doing exercises.

If you like to bust a cycle, you should have a scheduled time for exercise.

he best way to ease stress is to have consistent exercise.

With all this 7 secret tricks I hope your age will be just a numbers that go up.

The true is that I don’t know any secret trick to show you and stop that numbers to go up!

Source: www.prevention.com



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