7 Ways to Fight Weak Bones!

Weak Bones

While factors such as the age and gender affect the possibility of having weak bones and also osteoporosis, there are many things that you can change.

This article brings to you seven healthy tips to fight against the weak bones.

Weak bones and ways to avoid treat them

Walk three minutes a day for 10 minutes

Exercises that are involving the weight loads of the bones keep the bones strong.

Ideally, exercises need to include a mix of activities such as walking.

In addition, jogging as well as weightlifting exercises such as pushups, swimming, and lifting will help you in treating weak bones.

Adults, between the ages of 19 and 64, need to take at least 150 minutes in the above-mentioned exercise once a week.

Do not smoke, especially when you are young

Smoking affects cells that are involved in bone building.

That is very important, especially in persons younger than 30.

At that time, the body still produces bone mass.

There is a greater risk that smoker will suffer from osteoporosis.

Also, those who smoke are probably heavier than those who do not smoke.

In addition, they do not have enough muscle mass and fatty tissue to mitigate a drop that can lead to break bones.

Also, after menopause, egg cells cease to produce estrogen.

Therefore, it is good to have certain fatty deposits because they will also produce some estrogen.

Do not be too thin

Of course, we do not recommend for you to have excess pounds.

However, lightweight people and smaller persons at the start have less bone mass so they break bones easier.

Any extra weight loss reduces the force that needs to be applied to the bone to break it.

Hormone therapy helps

Four times it is higher possibility that women will suffer from osteoporosis.

This is because, as mentioned above, after menopause the estrogen level drops.

Hormone therapy can help weak bones and maintain stronger bones.

In addition, hormone therapy may disable fractures that occur due to bone weakness.

You do not have to take extra calcium, but think about vitamin D

A balanced and also healthy diet must contain 700 milligrams of calcium per day to replace the old bone with a new one.

If you are not in the group of people who are suffering from osteoporosis, you do not need to add calcium to your diet.

Also, calcium is better to be taken over food, not over the tablet.

However, this does not apply to persons suffering from, for example, Crohn’s disease as it prevents adequate calcium absorption from food.

On the other hand, a person every day needs 10 micrograms of vitamin D in his or her body.

90 percent of this amount is obtained from the sun.

People who do not expose their body to the sun need to get vitamin D in other ways.

Nutritionists recommend those children who are breastfeeding and all children up to four years to take vitamin D.

The children older than five years and adults need to consume vitamin D during the winter months.

Move carefully

When you have weak bones, your bones will be easier to break.

Elderly people who fall once and break hip can easily lose their independence.

In addition, any fall may damage the spine of people with weak bones.

It is recommended that you take care of the homes of all family members and friends who are weaker in the constitution.

You can help them and install the auxiliary fences wherever possible.

Get knowledge about the risks

There is a great chance that you will suffer from osteoporosis if you are:

– An elder

– A woman

– If you have a weak constitution

– Immobile

– If you have broken bones

– If you smoke

– Also, if you drink too much alcohol

– Take steroids for rheumatoid arthritis

To find out if osteoporosis is occurring, you can ask your doctor to send you for bone density measurement.

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