8 Easy Yoga Poses To Relieve Sciatica Pain In 16 Minutes Or Less

Sciatica Yoga

Sciatica Yoga

Ah! My sciatica! It`s a phrase that I have been hearing a lot of times.

With a lot of jobs where people are sitting and with our ways of living, it`s about 40% chance to have sciatica pain through your life.

Do you know what sciatica is?

They are the longest nerve in the body.

The beginning of this nerve is at the spine base and is continuing down through our thigh and calf muscles of our foot. There are two nerves.

Maybe you will not have a chronic pain, but you can have trouble with sciatica.

Through your experience, you will learn that not problems with sciatica are causing pain.

Sometimes it can be just tingling in our legs or weakness in our knees.

Sciatica can be stopped

Symptoms of Sciatica troubles:

-You can feel pain in the places along the sciatic nerve in the calf, back of the thing, buttock and lower back.

-Loss of feeling, numbness or fatigue in our legs and feet.

-The tingling, an electric, pins-and-needles, pinching or burning feeling.

-Weakness and trouble that can cause our knees to buckle when we try to stand up from sitting.

-Foot drop – that is a condition when we are not able to flex our ankles enough to walk on our heels.

-Reduced reflexes in our knee and Achilles tendon.

What causes sciatica pain?

Sciatica pain can be caused by herniation in our lumbar spine (this is a part of our spine that curves inward, near our lower–middle back).

This is something serious and we need immediately consult our doctor about it.

Piriformis (a muscle that is one of small deep hip rotators that we use to turn our thigh out) is cause for about 70% of sciatica cases.

8 yoga poses that help, prevent and stop our sciatica pain:

The standing back twist

Sciatica Yoga Standing Back Twist


This is an excellent pose for people which cannot bend enough to start other poses.

We need to put our foot up on a chair and place the outside of our opposite hand on our raised knee (left our hand to a right knee or opposite).

We need to place our other hand on our hip.

We need to turn our upper body while we are keeping our hips facing forward, hold a position for 30 sec. then switch.

We don`t push too much with this pose if we are not comfortable.

The knee raise

Sciatica Yoga Knee Raise



We are lying on our back, draw one knee to our chest while keeping our other leg straight.

Push down with our knee and pull up with our hands.

We keep our shoulders on the floor.

The two knee twist

Sciatica Yoga Two Knee Twist



We are lying on our back.

We spread our arms and we form a capital “T”

We turn our knees out on one side while our shoulders are on the floor.

We keep this position for one minute and then we do same on the other side.

The single knee twist

Sciatica Yoga Single Knee Twist

We bend one our knee to a 90% angle while we keep the other leg straight.

We place opposite hand on bended knee.

We turn our face to the arm that is still on the floor.

Again our shoulders are on the floor.

The twisted lunge

Sciatica Yoga Twisted Lunge

This is a tricky pose but really opens our hips.

We step one our leg forward and bend at the knee.

The other our leg needs to stay out behind us.

We try to keep our feet one leg`s length apart.

We turn our back and place our opposite elbow on the outside of our bent knee.

We bring our palms together.

This pose we hold for 30 sec.

The seated twist

Sciatica Yoga Seated Twist

We sit with our legs straight in front of us.

We bend on the leg at the knee and we place it on the outside of our other knee.

We can curl our leg up or keep straight – what is more comfortable for us.

We put one hand flat on a floor behind us, place our opposite elbow on the outside of our bent knee.

We turn our face to look behind us while we keep our legs to point forward.

The cat pose

Sciatica Yoga Cat Pose

One easier pose for us. We get down with our knees and hands.

We bend our back down and lift a chest by pulling our shoulders back.

We breathe and hold this position for 10 sec.

After this, we return to a flat back and tuck our chin into our chest and we raise our back.

Again we hold this position for 10 sec.

We can do this exercise 1 or 2 min.

Child`s pose

Sciatica Yoga Child`s Pose

This is the easiest yoga pose from the list above.

We get down with our knees and hands with the rock of our seat back on our heels.

We leave our hands on the floor in front of us.

We can hold this position as long as we like but if we fall asleep our legs will not forgive to us.

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