Home Health 8 Quiet Cancer Symptoms! Body Warns You, Do Not Ignore It!
8 Quiet Cancer Symptoms! Body Warns You, Do Not Ignore It!

8 Quiet Cancer Symptoms! Body Warns You, Do Not Ignore It!

There are 8 quiet cancer symptoms and do not ignore them because you are “too young” for serious disease, doctors advise.

Malignant diseases today are increasingly affecting the younger people and middle-aged people.

For transient problems with your health, you do not need to worry too much.

However, if symptoms persist even after three to four weeks, you should visit a doctor and resolve the doubts.

Your body always sends signals to you about your health.

It`s up to you to interpret them correctly.

It is enough that the problems that do not go for weeks, immediately contact your doctor because maybe you have some of the 8 quiet cancer symptoms.

8 quiet cancer symptoms

-1. Weight Loss

Most cancer patients notice that drastically lose weight after a diagnosis of cancer.

Loss of up to two kilograms is not worrisome.

However, more than that without that you change your eating habits and start exercising is a reason to check your health.

-2. Fatigue

If every day you feel a lack of energy, difficulty to get out of bed, and fall asleep in a second despite the fact that you have adequate sleep, see a doctor.

Chronic fatigue is also the most common symptom of an overloaded immunity.

Although, the reason maybe is not a malignant process, but some other chronic disease or disorder of thyroid hormones.

However, if it lasts longer than three weeks, go to the doctor.

-3. Constant pain

Pain is the companion of inflammation.

In addition, it can be a sign of problems with the immune system and also the formation of malignant cysts.

Whether it is a persistent headache, pain in the bones or abdominal pain that does not go through two weeks, pain can be also a sign of malignancy and you need to determine the exact cause.

-4. Skin changes

The skin is the largest organ of the human body.

Unusual wounds or moles may represent the symptoms of melanoma.

Also, the skin can indulge and symptoms of other tumors.

Pay attention to the constant dark circles, yellowing of the skin, hyperpigmentation spots, peeling skin, and consult a doctor.

-5. Problems with urination and digestion

Persistent digestive problems as diarrhea, constipation in combination with flatulence or bleeding are frequent cancer symptoms in the digestive system.

This can also be a sign of prostate cancer or ovarian cancer.

If you have problems with urination, and they last longer than two weeks you need to check your health.

Also, do not attribute these symptoms only to inflammation.

-6. The emergence of nodules

Unexplained swelling of the skin and lumps can be also a specific symptom of cancer of lymph nodes, testicular cancer, and breast cancer.

The lymph nodes can also respond to some malignant processes in body organs.

A test is very simple – a biopsy will accurately determine the true state of things.

-7. The constant temperature

Check your health if you have elevated and persistent temperature that occurs without associated symptoms.

A temperature is a common companion of the malignant process as occurs as a result of the activation of the defense system of the body.

-8. Persistent cough / sore throat

A cough that lasts longer than three weeks it is certainly reason to visit the doctor.

Research shows that more than 70 percent of lung cancer cases started with a persistent cough.

Also, more than 90 percent of patients with cancer of the throat and tongue say that they noticed pain and irritation for months before they went to the doctor.

Check your health regularly because is better to prevent than treat some disease.


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