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9 Diabetes Symptoms That Say – Diabetes Destroys Your Body!

9 Diabetes Symptoms That Say – Diabetes Destroys Your Body!

Pay attention to any signals of possible diabetes symptoms that your body sends.

These diabetes symptoms may cause serious health problems if you have diabetes and you do not treat it.

The famous Tom Hanks – Oscar winner and Hollywood actor has confessed a few days ago that he was “a complete idiot”.

In fact, Hanks was three years ago diagnosed with diabetes type 2.

Moreover, the famous actor believes that he got the disease as a result of his poor and unhealthy diet.

“I was trying.

You’ve seen me in the movies and you know what I looked like.

I was a complete idiot,” said Tom Hanks in an interview with Radio Times.

Hanks himself considered part of “the lazy American generation”, as he put it.

Diabetes type 2 is the most common form of the disease and includes about 90 percent of all diagnosed cases.

People get diabetes type 1 relatively abrupt and can be identified by unexplained weight loss.

Diabetes type 2 occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin to properly function or the body’s cells do not respond to insulin.

Therefore, glucose remains in the blood and is not used as a motor fuel for the body.

Can we recognize diabetes symptoms before they hit us?

What are the diabetes symptoms and signs?

-1. Increased thirst

A sudden attack of thirst is one of the most obvious symptoms of diabetes type 2.

Some people may feel increasing of thirst in a short period of time.

However, it can be a sign of increased blood glucose levels, which stimulates the center in the brain that signals thirst.

-2. Exhaustion

Not specified, but important sign of diabetes symptoms is a general feeling of fatigue.

The sense of exhaustion may occur in the case of diabetes when blood sugar levels are low.

At the same time, there is not enough “fuel” for cells in the body.

However, weakness and fatigue can occur due to many other medical conditions, such as anemia or depression.

Therefore, weakness and fatigue are not the most reliable indicators of diabetes.

-3. Unhealthy diet

Regular improper diet can be a sign that you are on the road to diabetes type 2.

This can include the introduction of many “wrong” sources of calories or smoking.

Some medications such antibiotics and steroids can cause diabetes type 2.

-4. An expanded waistline

If you are obese at age 21, you also run the risk of developing diabetes.

Also, if your waist is increased in the young days, it can be an indicator for diabetes.

-5. Excessive urination

Excessive urination can also be a sign and one of the diabetes symptoms.

That is a sign if you often wake up in the middle of the night and you need to go in the toilet.

In addition, to excessive urination women can have and genital itching or infection.

Excessive urination occurs when glucose is “overflow” from the blood, which bothers ability of the kidneys to concentrate urine.

Genital itching can cause candida infection, and if such infections occur often and you have them a longer time, you should be tested for diabetes.

-6. Static lifestyle

If you have a sitting job, for example, if you are a taxi driver, and do not practice regular physical activity or hobby, you also need to be tested.

-7. Skin infections

If your skin infections or wounds are healing noticeably slower, it could be a superficial symptom of diabetes.

Partly it’s because whole blood cells that fight infections become less effective when the glucose level is high.

Therefore, your wounds need significantly longer time to heal.

-8. Numbness and blurred vision

Periods of hazy and blurred vision can be an indicator of diabetes type 1 and type 2.

In addition, patients need to pay attention to the occasional tingling in fingers.

-9. Genetic inheritance

It is worth to be tested for diabetes type 2 if someone in your family already has diabetes.

All of those above can be diabetes symptoms and you need to pay attention to all of them.


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