Home Beauty 9 Fantastic Uses Of Baking Soda! You Have Not Heard Of This Yet!
9 Fantastic Uses Of Baking Soda! You Have Not Heard Of This Yet!

9 Fantastic Uses Of Baking Soda! You Have Not Heard Of This Yet!

Baking soda is a real miracle and is often called a magic powder.

Besides being good for health, it is also an ecological substance that preserves human’s health but also nature.

We present you with nine absolutely fantastic uses of baking soda:

– 1. Use it to wash your laundry

Wash well your laundry with baking soda and water boiling solution.

You can apply it directly to stains or simply place it in the washing machine.

With this way of using this ingredient you will:

– Softens and also eliminates unpleasant smells

– Return the white color to your clothes

– Removes stains even with colored dress

– Removes stains from grass, ink, wine or candy, etc.

– 2. First aid in the kitchen

Baking soda is an excellent ingredient for cleaning dishwashers, snuffers, condensed refrigerators, fridges, and so on.

With her in the kitchen you can also:

– Clean the microwave or oven

– Removing unpleasant smells from the slicing board and also disinfecting them

– Remove stains from coffee or tea

– Washing fruit and vegetables and also releasing them from pesticides

– Cleaning the fridge and freezer

– You can also remove the odor from the kitchen

– Cleaning of burned dish

– Disconnecting the kitchen sink

– 3. Perfect for cleaning the whole house

This ingredient is the strongest cleansing agent for a home, but only if you use it smartly.

With it you can:

– Clean jewelry (silver and gold)

– Disinfect the toilet or floor in the whole house

– Clean the wall mold from the walls

– Also, clean the shoes and wipe them

– Clean the furniture

– Also, remove the rust from the metal parts

– operate stuffed toys

– 4. It is an excellent ingredient for removing odors

This ingredient is perfectly for neutralizing smells.

Scrape the cotton cloth, take it off and soak it in the baking soda.

Such a rag is able to:

– Remove stench from the pharmacy

– Remove the stench from your hands (let’s say form cutting garlic or onion)

– Also remove stench from trash bin

– Remove stench from the car

– Remove the stench from the mattress

– 5. Excellent ingredient for cooking

If you use this ingredient when you are cooking, you sure know that she:

– Smoothes beef meat and also chicken cooking in oven

– You can also make the potato extra soft and creamy

– Neutralize the acidity in the juice from the orange

– Removes the acidic taste of the acids from the salad

– It keeps the white color of cauliflower after cooking

– Prevents milk from clotting while cooking

– 6. It is great for dealing with health problems

If you have health problems like these, you can use baking soda as a remedy:

– Improves digestion

– Removes gases and bloating

– It also reduces the irritation of the intestines and the stomach and prevents food poisoning

– Reduces scratching and irritation during skin diseases

– It also treating an open wounds in his mouth

– It`s treating a clogged nose

– Reduces burns in the tongue

– 7. The best product for mouth and tooth hygiene

Those who use this ingredient in the service of beauty know that she:

– Removes tooth deposits

– Also, is whitening your teeth

– Removes unpleasant odors from the mouth

– Perfectly clean dentures and apparatus for the teeth

– It can also treat wounds in the mouth and lips

– 8. Best friend for skin and hair

In the skin service, this natural ingredient is also unmistakable:

– Prevents skin irritation even after shaving or depilation

– It is also excellent for body peeling and skin peeling

Removes toxins and impurities from the skin

– Perfect to wash hair without shampoo

– Eliminate the dandruff

– Softens the skin on the feet and elbows

– Removes dark spots beneath the armpits

– 9. Other Fantastic uses of this ingredient:

– In case of fire, this ingredient is able to extinguish the flame

– It is also successful in destroying insects and prevents showing of new insects

– Pour the powdered sugar and the baking soda and use this mixture against ants in the house

– It can also prevent the appearance of the weeds on the lawn

– Successfully eliminating various bad bugs in your garden

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