Home Health For 9 Weeks You Can Have New Teeth! The Famous Dentist Shocked The World!
For 9 Weeks You Can Have New Teeth! The Famous Dentist Shocked The World!

For 9 Weeks You Can Have New Teeth! The Famous Dentist Shocked The World!

Great news for all those who suffer from periodontitis or have somehow lost their teeth to get new teeth.

Dentures and dental implants could very soon become the past.

The scientist’s claim that it is possible to develop new teeth in the jaw of the patient!

Until now, the only one option to compensate the loss of teeth is prosthesis or dental implant.

However, both methods can adversely affect the human health.

At this time, researchers are investigating the possibilities of natural ways to get new teeth.

Dental orthotics can cause infection, injury or damage to surrounding tissue, nerves, and even sinus.

Also, implants usually tend to be very uncomfortable and interfere with patients during meals.

They can also cause irritation or infection of the gums and mouth.

Of course, there are some natural toothpaste and ways to protect and treat some of the teeth diseases.

But until now people didn`t have a chance to get the natural and new teeth.

In the future, we can get natural new teeth

This is also amazing medical progress, because of people until 74 years of age, even 26 percent of adults lose all their teeth – say researchers.

The new technique of growing new teeth is coming by Dr. Jeremy Mao, Professor Edward V. Zegarelli together with a team of experts at Columbia University.

His technique works by forcing stem cells of the body to go on a three-dimensional platform, which is responsible for the growth factor of new teeth.

Thus, when injected into the jaw, teeth start new or fully grown in only 9 weeks, writes the portal.

The main factor in the regeneration of human teeth is to discover a natural approach.

In addition, this approach need to be easy and possible to implement in patients that are not very good candidates for some dental implants or they cannot afford dental implants – explain Dr. Jeremy Mao.

The study was published in the Journal of Dental Research, the leading journal in the world in the field of dentistry.


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