90% Of People Are Suffering From Magnesium Deficiency! Culprit For 10 Chronic Illnesses!

Magnesium Deficiency

Research shows that more than 90% of people suffer from magnesium deficiency.

In addition, they do not get enough magnesium in the body.

That is a very important fact because it affects the health – immunity, metabolism, blood pressure …

Also, magnesium is responsible for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body.

There are several reasons for an increasing number of people with magnesium deficiency.

Poor soil does not supply the blossom with sufficient magnesium, and this also affects the animals that feed with the plants.

Chlorine and fluorine in water bind magnesium to itself and therefore water is poor with this mineral substance.

Caffeine and sugar also reduce the level of magnesium.

As you know, these are the two things we consume on a daily basis.

Lack of magnesium can lead to various health problems and can negatively affect our body.

Magnesium deficiency symptoms

High Blood Pressure – Hypertension

Harvard University Research found that people with sufficient magnesium had normal blood pressure.

It has also confirmed that the risk of high blood pressure is 70% lower in women with a corresponding magnesium level.

Some other studies have also come to the conclusion that magnesium supplements can lead to a decrease in blood pressure.

Bone health

It has been shown that magnesium is very important for bone health, just like calcium.

In addition, if you do not have enough this mineral in the body, it will negatively affect the bones.

Vitamin D is also needed for magnesium to improve calcium absorption.

Therefore, it is very important to take enough magnesium together with the vitamin.

Cramps in the muscles and stomach

Magnesium deficiency causes the stiffness of the muscle, leading to cramping of the muscles of the stomach.

You can solve this problem immediately by entering magnesium.

Calcification of arteries

Arterial calcification refers to heart problems and is also one of the most dangerous health conditions caused by magnesium deficiency.

Moreover, patients who have survived the heart attack inject magnesium chloride to prevent this problem.

Anxiety and Depression

Magnesium has a synapse between two neurons, as well as calcium and glutamate.

Magnesium also protects the NMDA receptor.

In people with magnesium deficiency, the receptor also remains unaffected.

That can lead to damage the neurons and also cell death.

This problem is very serious and also difficult to solve.

Energy shortage

Lack of magnesium leads to lack of energy, fatigue, and some other problems.

Problems with hormones

When estrogen and progesterone levels are increasing in women, the magnesium level is decreasing.

That is why pregnant women suffer from cramps in their legs.

The need for chocolate may be also a sign of having a low level of magnesium because chocolate contains magnesium.

Women who have problems with PMS and spasm are also advised to begin using magnesium supplements.

Other mineral deficiencies

Magnesium is of crucial importance for the proper absorption of many nutrients, such as vitamin K, vitamin D, potassium, and also calcium.

If you use magnesium, your body will absorb much easier everything than you need.

Desired in pregnancy

Magnesium is usually used for hypertension and cramps during pregnancy.

In addition, it is used against headaches and as a protection from premature labor.

Due to hormonal imbalances, the level of magnesium can also affect the health and mood during pregnancy.

Sleeping Problems

Magnesium is indispensable for the proper function of the GABA receptor in the brain.

GABA receptor is a neurotransmitter that allows the brain to enter into the sleep phase.

Magnesium can also improve sleep because it can treat insomnia and relax the body.

How to solve magnesium deficiency

There are supplements of magnesium in the form of pills.

However, they may be effective but can also cause kidney problems and digestion.

Therefore, it is desirable to turn to natural solutions.

You can also benefit from magnesium if you use it through your skin.

Apply a magnesium solution to the skin and the body will also absorb it in the appropriate amounts.

In this way, magnesium goes into tissue and blood and contributes to the function of the kidneys.

You should also try to consume foods rich in magnesium.

Consume more avocado, almonds, figs, spinach, banana, black beans, Beta vulgaris, pumpkin seeds, black chocolate …

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