Alarm That Your Body Needs Water! These Symptoms Cannot Ignore, Especially Older Than 40!


Nothing is better than fresh water.

You will agree that this liquid can sometimes be more delicious than the best coffee or your favorite spicy beverage.

Despite this, many people forget about the value of this important liquid for human health.

Some of us do not have the need to drink much, and others simply forget that they are thirsty until dehydration occurs.

Dehydration is a daily occurrence and does not necessarily mean that you will end up in the infusion hospital.

Also, if you drink less than the recommended daily amount (1.5 to 2 liters), you probably dehydrate more often than you think.

Pay attention to the following symptoms because they suggest that your body needs more water.

Symptoms that you need to drink water

– Your mouth is dry (you have a sticky feeling in your mouth as if you lacked a saliva)

– Your skin is dry and also reduced to sweat

– From time to time, you get an extreme thirst (the same one you feel morning after drinking)

– Your eyes are dull, bloody, and dense

Joints pain (cartilage and spinal cord consist of about 80 percent of the water, so the point is clear)

– You have reduced muscle mass (less water = less muscle)

– People need longer time to recover from the disease (this important liquid also cleans the toxins from the body)

– You are tired and lethargic (when the body is dehydrated, it lends blood to the water, which then loses oxygen)

– You have nightly cravings for food (your body can be confused by the lack of this liquid, thinking you need food instead of water)

– If you have digestive disorders (mostly constipation)

Skin gets you fast old (early-life wrinkles appear)

Keep in mind – the older you are, the more of this important liquid you have to drink!

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