Alcoholic Beverages! Drinks That Cause Cancer!

Alcoholic Beverages

It’s amazing that`s mandatory placement of labels on cereal boxes.

But it`s not the mandatory placement of labels to the alcoholic beverages.

Alcoholic beverages can seriously damage our overall health, experts say.

Only 47 % of the people are aware that there is a connection between drinking alcoholic beverages and potentially fatal diseases – cancer.

However, about 83 percent of the people would support that those beverages should have labels.

Those labels should have a nutritional value and health information.

Alcoholic beverages can cause cancer

Alcoholic beverages are scientifically proven that are the cause of cancer.

At the same time, the public is not very aware of that dangerous connection between alcoholic beverages and cancer.

Alcoholics are not the only one inside the risk group.

Inside the risk group, is also and people who regularly drink alcoholic beverages.

Drinking alcohol put people at higher risk of seven different types of cancer.

That is including breast cancer and mouth cancer – says Sara Williams, who studies cancer.

Alcohol at this moment is excluded from EU regulations about nutritional value labels.

Those nutritional value labels are required just for foodstuffs and soft drinks.

Alcohol is being classified that is one in the first group for causing cancer, by the World Health Organization.

It’s amazing that is the mandatory placement of labels on cereal boxes, but not to the alcoholic beverages that can seriously damage health – said Ian Gilmore, chairman of the AHA.

AHA aims to reduce the impact of alcohol on people and prevent developing of alcoholism.

Only 91 % of respondents felt that it should emphasize the impact of alcohol on health.

Just 31 % knew to properly connect alcohol with breast cancer.

If there are inscriptions on the drinks, everybody can make a better choice and choose what to drink – says Williams.

Reducing alcohol intake can reduce the risk of developing cancer.

So people can fewer consume alcoholic beverages and they can choose another drink.

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