Alkaline Foods And Juices Replenish Body For 1 Day! You Will Completely Cleanse Digestive System And Alleviate Severe Diseases! (RECIPES)

Alkaline Foods

If people use alkaline foods, many of the common difficulties and disadvantages such as bad complexion, unpleasant breath, bloating, and constipation will quickly disappear.

Healthy eating means eating acidic and alkaline foods in the right way.

In modern nutrition, however, dominates the food that creates acidic body.

In addition, the best way to reduce acidity is with alkaline foods.

The new book by Dr. Stephan Domenig, “Alkaline Juices and Vitamins”, shows how to easily cleanse the body.

At the same time, you will establish a healthy relationship between acidic and alkaline condition.

According to the doctor’s philosophy, the most important way to good health is the one who leads through the stomach.

If you eat the right things in the right way, your body will be able to clean up.

You may want a little to lose weight, and that’s fine.

However, the alkaline foods do not only serve to lose weight.

It’s a plan to achieve vitality to bring your body back to your natural form.

The book contains a seven-day plan for cleansing the body, allowing the body to release unhealthy materials from the body.

But you do not have to run this treatment all seven days.

One day a week or a few days in a row will be enough to give you energy and pure digestive system.

With the cleansing program, nutritiously balanced juices, smoothies, and soups, you will be able to recover and boost digestion for better work.

Even if you are on an alkaline diet just two days a week, you will feel its benefits.

Use alkaline foods for your health

Why Prepare Juices?

The juices and soups that you prepare at home are inevitably better than buying imitations from the store.

You will be able to look at their composition – you will not get a product with additional salt and sugar and with a reduced percentage of fiber.

Domestic juices are also fresher, which means that nutrients and vitamins are preserved.

Balanced juice should be like a “glass of wine” – something that you will sip while enjoying it.

One warning: some juices may be too strong for digestion.

Usually we prepare fruit juices dense and strong, and in fact, many of them are tastier if you dissolve them.

Occasionally, you can drink a strong juice, but it is better if you dissolve it.

Also, it is most important to digest enough water for digestion.

It is not advisable to drink plenty of juices or smoothies from raw ingredients in the evening.

On that way, the body will not have enough time to digest each of them.

Nutritionists recommend consuming raw food strictly during a day.

In the evening, it`s good to consume a tea, and if you want something more concrete, make it a homemade soup.

Nutrient content of soups is not behind juices, and the body will absorb them more easily.

Menu for one day

Make sure that you drink juices and also eat soups slowly and enjoy each and every sip.

At noon or late afternoon, take almonds and broccoli to get energy from the proteins.

Also, do not forget to drink water every day.

Main ingredients

On the first day, you need to prepare the body for the coming week.

Simple breakfast juice contains fruit that cleanses your body of toxins.

Use ginger and alkaline spices for cleansing the intestines.

Grapefruit is full of vitamins and fibers and together with soothing ginger will help to prepare the digestive system.

Spicy plants are the stars to your juice for lunch.

In addition, get seasonal herbs, and parsley is always a good choice because it is a powerful antioxidant.

Almond and broccoli give you energy.

Soothing vegetable tea in the evening will allow the stomach to rest from hard work.

You will be happy and ready for the rest of the week.

Breakfast – Juice for “Good morning”

For the first day, we need some juice to cleanse the body.

Red apple juice will soften the bitterness of grapefruit.

You can also add vegetables to it for a nutritious start to the day.


– ½ grapefruit

– 1 lemon

– 2 celery stalks

– ½ cucumber

– 3 radishes

– 1 red apple

– 2 cm of ginger


Clean grapefruit and lemon but leave the little white bark on the skin because it is rich in minerals and fibers of the fruit itself.

Then squeeze grapefruit and lemon.

Prepare the juice of celery.

Peel the cucumber (especially if it has been waxed) and put it in a juicer.

Then add the radish, and if the radish leaves are fresh, add them to the juice.

Cut the apple into quarters and add to the juice.

Peel ginger, and put it in a juicer.

Mix all the ingredients well and pour into the glass.

NOTE: If you have celery leaves left, add them in the evening into your vegetable tea.

Lunch – a green plant cleaner

This beverage people call plant alchemist.

More sophisticated and aromatic herbs have many traits, and we all use them extensively.

Of course, we use stems and leaves from them.

Starting with a bowl of wild garlic and selenium, it’s a seasoning plant that we can also mix in our diet.

Use the seasonal plants that you have at hand.

Here we took parsley, but it would be good to replace it with any other weaker plant.

Instead of parsley, you can also use coriander or even a few leaflets of another softer herbs or two leaves of sage.


– 3 stalks of celery with leaves

– A handful of spinach

– A handful of parsley

– 1 carrot

– 1 cucumber

– A half lime

– 1 teaspoon of flaxseed oil


Celery, spinach, and parsley you need to wash well and also you need to dry them.

Put celery in the juicer.

When you get the juice, add the carrot.

Then put the cucumber in the juicer and also spinach.

Remove the leaves from the parsley stems and add them together with the stalk.

Put juice in the glass, stir it well and add the sour lime juice.

Serve in a glass and pour with oil.

Snack drink – almond and broccoli energy drink

Try to drink this drink before noon or late afternoon.


– 12 almonds with a skin

– 75 ml of water (you can also add more to your taste)

– 1 flower of broccoli


The first, you need to blend almonds and water.

Then add broccoli and also mix them all together well.

Dinner – Nutritious vegetable tea

You can prepare this nutritious vegetable tea in large quantities.

You will drink this tea during the day instead of coffee or other tea with caffeine.

When your preparation goes over into habit, you can also change the spices and herbs to the taste.


– 2 liters of fresh water

– 3 carrots

– 1 sweet potato

– 4 celery stalks

– 2 onions

– 1 scallion

– 2 potatoes

– 3 cloves of garlic

– 6 black pepper beans

– 1 bay leaf

– A handful of parsley

Sea salt

– Olive oil (if you like)


While preparing vegetables, allow the water to sprinkle.

Cut carrots, celery, and also sweet potato into bigger pieces.

Peel the onions and potatoes and cut them into quarters.

Cut off the bottom of the scallion and throw it, and also cut the rest of the scallion into pieces.

In boiling water add all vegetables, garlic, black pepper, and also bay leaf.

Cut the leaves of parsley into small pieces and put them to the side.

The stalks cut on bigger pieces and also add to the mixture.

Cover the pot and also reduce the fire to cook on lower heat for the next 30 minutes.

Strain the mixture and store the liquidity.

When you want to drink this nutritious vegetable tea, just warm it little and put sea salt.

In addition, you can serve it with a little parsley leaf on top.

Also, if you like, sprinkle this tea with a little olive oil.

Tip: You will be surprised how much the parsley juice is strong and sharp.

From the leaves, you can prepare the juice and you can also put on top of that fresh leaves for a little more healthy chlorophyll.

Alkaline foods principles

If we take care of our stomach, many of the common difficulties and troubles are beginning to disappear.

Some of those conditions are:

– Bad complexion

– Unpleasant breath



Moreover, there is also and health benefits from the alkaline foods.

Disorders and diseases such as arthritis, diabetes type 2, and also cancer can react to alkaline nutrition.

Additional tips

-1. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

You can buy juices, but you need to drink plenty of water.

Do not stop drinking water and start drinking, for example, only sugarcane juice.

With two liters a day, the body and its organs will be healthier.

-2. If you are hungry between meals, take some fresh tea or filtered water.

Sometimes the body is thirsty, not hungry, so it’s better to drink than to eat.

-3. Do not drink or also eat raw food because it is difficult to digest.

During the night, such foods can be fermented in the stomach.

-4. Instead of black tea or coffee, you need to drink juice, herbal tea, nutritious vegetable tea and also eat soup.

-5. Do not be tense during the treatment with alkaline foods

Stay calm and mindful.

Enjoy the process of cleaning your body and mind.


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