Home Beauty Although You Do Not Believe But Beer Does Wonders For Our Body!
Although You Do Not Believe But Beer Does Wonders For Our Body!

Although You Do Not Believe But Beer Does Wonders For Our Body!

Beer is the oldest and widest alcoholic drink in the world.

It is characterizing by small alcohol content and a refreshing and also distinctive aroma.

It delivers regenerating, revitalizing, tones, and also hydrates the body.

In addition, this drink is a natural source of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, certain amino acids, flavonoids, and also known and important antioxidants.

Related to this, are the results of recent research that emphasize the importance of the individual components of beer.

Those components help our metabolism and responsible and moderate beer consumption can contribute to the prevention and treatment of certain diseases and conditions.

Beer health benefits

– Reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases

– Increases good cholesterol

– Strengthens our bones

– Boosts nutrients

– Prevent and also treat kidney stones

– Reduce a risk of stroke

– Control and prevent diabetes

– Improves our eye health

– Also, boosts our mental health

Prevents cancer

– It helps digestion

– Also, increases levels of vitamin B

– Helps if you suffer from insomnia

– Prevents creation of blood clots

– Also prevents anemia

– Combat stress

– Improve your skin

– Lowers high blood pressure

– Prevents gallstones

– Also, prevents dementia

Among those health benefits is osteoporosis, a chronic degenerative disease characterized by progressive degradation of bone mass and frequent fractures.

Therefore, if you drink beer you prevent the risk of osteoporosis.

The beers ingredients silicon and xanthohumol have proven to contribute to the formation and maintenance of bone strength.

Silicon plays an important role in bone formation and maintaining strength.

It improves the quality of the bone tissue and also facilitating bone mineralization.

In experiments on experimental animals and in human studies, additional silicon intake resulted in increased bone mineral density and improved strength.

In order to maximize the benefits of beer in preventing the development of osteoporosis, it is necessary to consume it moderately and responsibly.

For women, it is about 0.33 l per day, while for men about 0.65 l on the day of the usual beer lag of 4.5 to 5 percent of alcohol.

Acceptable quantities of fruit beer are twice as large as they contain less than a half of alcohol.

When it comes to non-alcoholic beer, nutritionists recommend daily amounts that are identical to all non-alcoholic beverages with low sugar content (about 1 liter).

Source: www.organicfacts.net




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