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Aluminum Foil – What Is Doing The Most Beautiful Women In The World?

Aluminum Foil – What Is Doing The Most Beautiful Women In The World?

Aluminum Foil

Russian model Irina Shayk is currently on holiday with aluminum foil on the head on Lake Garda in Italy.

Paparazzi caught her and made an unusual picture.

Her hair has been wrapped with aluminum foil.

She rented a luxury house on Italy’s largest lake.

However, even that place couldn`t stop and avoid the paparazzi.

The photographers managed to take pictures of this beautiful woman in a very unusual issue.

In fact, she was sunbathing with her head wrapped in aluminum foil.

Her figure is not as thin as she looks on the professional photographs, which delighted the women.

Irina was enjoying the sun in a black mini-bikini.

During her holiday in the luxury house, she used aluminum foil to do something with the hair.

In fact, it is a technique that restores hair shine and health.

If you didn`t know we will explain to you.

The aluminum foil has the power to renew and perfect nourishes the hair.

That technique is something that famous beauties are using to have a beautiful and shiny hair.

It is known that a great and cherished hair of one of the strongest weapons of seduction.

The hair at this beautiful woman is called “half beauty” and many ladies wondered if this is a way to make her one of the most beautiful women in the world?

There is also another way to use aluminum foil to make your hair more beautiful.

How can you curl your hair with a flat iron and aluminum foil?

This technique with aluminum foil is used also when you like to have a curly hair.

This is also a perfect way to do it by yourself at your home if you have little time and you are patient.

On that way, you can make your hair more presentable.

You need just foil from aluminum and a flat iron.

It`s very easy and simple technique which is explained in the video below.


Source: fabfitbeauty.com


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