Home Health American Scientists Are Confident That The Sweet Wormwood Destroys Cancer For 16 Hours!
American Scientists Are Confident That The Sweet Wormwood Destroys Cancer For 16 Hours!

American Scientists Are Confident That The Sweet Wormwood Destroys Cancer For 16 Hours!

A recent study has discovered that sweet wormwood has the ability to kill about 12,000 cancer cells for every healthy cell.

For every 5 cancer cells that a typical dose of chemotherapy can affect it also affects and destroys one normal healthy cell.

This is just the beginning when it comes to the dangers of traditional methods of treating cancer.

However, we have some encouraging news.

Scientists discover that the sweet wormwood has among others and anticancer properties.

There are thousands of substances of natural origin that doctors ignore.

Also, they ignore that those substances also destroy only cancer cells.

A recent study has found that this herb can eliminate up to 12,000 cancer cells for every healthy cell.

According to research that “Life Sciences” publish in one edition, artemisinin can kill 98 percent of cancer cells in less than 16 hours.

Artemisinin is a derivative of the herb sweet wormwood that Chinese medicine uses for combat cancer.

This natural herb is full of powerful anticancer terpenes such as limonene, B-pinene, and quercetin which all contain anti-inflammatory effects.

At the same time, they can kill cancer cells and enhance immunity.

Research on sweet wormwood has amazing results

The University of Washington found that special super-concentrated compound of sweet wormwood and iron can be over a thousand times more effective than chemotherapy in targeting only cancer cells.

This compound is the most effective against breast cancer.

The combination of this herb and iron is developed by bioengineering professor Henry Lai.

This compound is the most effective against breast cancer.

It is stated that the combination of this herb and iron behave like “Trojan Horse” and create “activated bomb” to the cancer cells.

A similar study on the medicinal effects of this herb has made the Polytechnic University of Vorster and they find that “Sweet wormwood also reacts with iron to create free radicals that kill the cells.

Increased intake of iron in cells makes them susceptible to free radicals that this herb generate.

Professor Henry Lai of the University of Washington says that currently available drugs are most commonly targeting the specific cancers.

This component affects the general characteristic of cancer cells – a high content of iron.

Breast cancer cells may optionally contain up to 15 times the iron receptor.

Therefore, this mixture of this natural herb and iron is so effective in this type of cancer.

However, it`s ongoing debate about how patients can use this herb and its medicinal properties.

Scientists claim that the herb is sufficient by itself (in relation to the extract) to kill cancer cells.

It also acts as an agent for antagonizing estrogen receptors in human breast cancer.

Will this discovery change cancer treatment?

The famous Chinese chemist Tu Youyou in 2015 won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of extraction from wormwood for treatment of fever, and possibly even malaria.

This gives evidence of scientists from the University of Washington that this herb among other things has a strong anticancer effect.

In addition, in combination with iron makes a drug that can constitute a major advance in the field of medicine.

This is just one of the possible ways to fight this deadly disease cancer.

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