Ancient Drinks For Skin Rejuvenation and Organism Rejuvenation!

Skin Rejuvenation

Read and try the ancient recipes organism and also skin rejuvenation that come from four sides of the world.

The elixirs of immortality, longevity, and also beauty during the years were sought by many alchemists and healers.

However, some of the skin rejuvenation and organism rejuvenation recipes have survived to these days.

Read and try the ancient recipes that came from four sides of the world.

Skin rejuvenation and organism rejuvenation recipes

Eastern elixir of youth

Mix 100 ml of lemon juice, 200 grams of organic honey and also 50 ml of olive oil.

You need to consume a single tablespoon of this elixir of youth on an empty stomach every morning.

Also, you can prepare it fresh every morning.

You can pour 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of organic honey, and half a tablespoon of olive oil.

Using this elixir, you will:

– Look younger

– Improve your teeth

– Clear your eyes

– Improve digestion

– Also, you will probably never know what dementia is

Tibetan drinking water

Place smoky quartz, pink quartz, amethyst, carnelian, and also agate.

Pour boiled water over the stones and also leave them for 8-10 hours in the sun.

Such water rejuvenates, provides vitality, and also serves as a prevention of various diseases.

Drink 2-3 cups a day, use for lotions, skin softening, elasticity, smoothing wrinkles, as well as for wounds, bruises, and burns.

Caucasian drink of longevity

Pour 1 liter of boiled water over 25 grams of fennel root, and also boil for 2 minutes on the heat.

Then, let it stand for 10 minutes.

You need to consume 3 cups a day for skin rejuvenation and organism rejuvenation.

Hibiscus tea

In ancient Egypt, it was a very popular tea from Sudan rose – hibiscus tea.

Archaeologists have found remains from this ingredient in the pyramids.

As you know hibiscus tea as a drink has remained popular until the present time.

Hibiscus is abundant in antioxidants.

As you know they protect your skin from premature aging.

Therefore, regular drinking of hibiscus tea allows for longer preservation of beauty and youth.

Share those elixirs of youth with your friends and family members.

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