Anti Aging Mask to be 10 Years Younger

Anti Aging Mask

Anti Aging Mask

I hope you know that rice is an extremely good cosmetic component and very beneficial that people are using for centuries.

This ingredient is especially valued and has a great reputation among Japanese women.

One of the components that rice is rich in Vitamin B.

Vitamin B is essential for recovery and growth of human cells and is preventing the aging process.

Japanese women like to have a glowing skin and they are using the following anti aging mask.

Ingredients for mask:




Anti Aging Mask makes you look 10 Years Younger

Preparation of mask:

First you need to cook rice – 3 tablespoons until rice gets soft.

When is done, strain the mixture and together with remaining water you can put into a clean dish.

Wash cooked rice into the water and put 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon warm milk and stir well all together.

Wait until mixture cools a little bit and apply the anti aging mask on your neck and face.

Let anti aging mask for a half an hour on your face and after you can wash your face with rice water.

You will fall in love with an anti aging mask because results are visible immediately.

Your skin will be very gentle, soft and light.

The rice water and rice as well have a lot of healing benefits for our health.

The rice water hydrates your skin and contains antioxidants.

You can store rice water into the fridge and use 4 days after you have prepared.


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