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Anticancer! Plants Against Cancer!

Anticancer! Plants Against Cancer!

150 years ago cancer was far less frequent than it is today.

Great use of chemicals, processed foods, refined sugar and fast city life have made that malignant diseases become more frequent.

Mass production and use of carbonated and other unhealthy drinks suppressed the use of herbal teas, which in the past were very frequent.

In order to the best prevention, most doctors are giving advice a return to a healthy lifestyle.

In nature, there are many Anticancer plants that are great fighters against cancer, even when the disease appears.

A cancer is a disease that progresses, it is important to detect it at the time, in the initial stages.

If not yet metastasized, the chances for the treatment are much higher.

Anticancer fighters are all around us

Sweet wormwood

(Artemisia annua)

At the head of natural resources for Anticancer is the derivative of the plant Artemisia annua – Artemisinin.

Life Science Journal published astonishing results of scientific research according to which the derivative of sweet wormwood along with iron able to destroy 98% of breast cancer cells within just 16 hours.

This high percentage suggests the interpretation that kills malignant cells almost completely.

If the sweet wormwood used alone reduces breast cancer cells by 28%.

So some companies began to announce the start of serious production of artemisinin.

China uses it for thousands of years as an effective tool for the treatment of malaria.


(Astragalus membranaceus)

Amazing Astragalus is another useful anticancer plant.

Many studies conducted on humans confirm that astragalus stimulates the immune system, which plays an important role in the fight against cancer.

In addition, this plant also features anti-tumor property, to prevent the spread of metastatic cancer.


(Curcuma longa)

This Indian spice is already so well-known Anticancer herb that in some American hospitals used in the treatment of polyps and colon cancer.

Turmeric prevents the multiplication of cancer cells and disrupts tumor blood supply it needs for survival.

It is a plant that nonetheless has significant anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect, acts as a powerful antioxidant and protects the liver.


(Taraxacum officinale)

University of Windsor (Canada) conducted a survey, the results clearly show that dandelion root effectively kills cancer cells affected and only with the use of tea.

Thus, the tea of dandelion root makes the cancer cells very rapidly decaying (for only 48 hours).

It`s like most treatments based on plants.

And, in this case, the healthy cells remain intact.

It is also interesting that during the experiment with the patients studied, during these 48 hours, no new healthy cells in the body is not affected.

After that, the other is the assumption that continued therapy is possible and led to complete recovery.

Official notification that there is still no, but there are many confessions of individuals who claim that they in fact really have success.


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