Are You Removing Banana Strings? You Are Mistaken!

Banana Strings

Many people normally always remove banana strings (phloem bundles) just simply because they do not like them.

In that way, you deny the great well-being of your body.

In addition, probably you are among the many who, when they eat a banana, remove the banana strings that are separating from the fruit.

With that action, you make a great mistake.

Eat bananas with banana strings

Banana strings are usually one of the most hated things among humans.

The hatred of these banana strings goes so far that there are blogs all over the internet.

Those blogs are also devoted exclusively to that hatred.

Actually, these small parts of bananas play an important role in the human health.

These are actually phloems.

Phloem is a complex plant conductive tissue.

They allow for sugar and food products to travel to the different parts of every plant.

Actually, these phloems transport all necessary nutrients in the delectable fruit.

In that way, the fruit can grow properly.

At the same time, only thanks to them, banana gets all the necessary nutrients while growing.

Compared to the rest of the banana, these banana strings have more different types of fibers.

That is the conclusion of Mr. Nicholas Gilit, professor of organic chemistry, for “The Huffington Post”.

In addition, that these strings from banana have more fiber, they have vitamin A and vitamin B6.

At the same time, they are packed with potassium.

They are also a good sign if the banana is ready for you to eat.

When you can remove these “strings” easily then the banana is ripe and ready for consumption.

It is certainly advisable, says Gill, not to remove them from the banana since they are nutritionally richer than the rest of the fruit.

And when we are already at banana, it is not the same at what degree of maturity bananas are.

Almost all green bananas are suitable for people suffering from diabetes.

In addition, fully mature – ripe bananas are good for people who are extremely physically active.

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