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The word Arthritis is derived from two Greek words “Arthro” (joint) and “itis” (inflammation). So, arthritis is an inflammation of the joints.

There are quite a few types of arthritis because the disease occurs in many forms but often is diagnosed osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Arthritis 3In any case, since this disease primarily attacks the joints, ill suffering from pain in the joints, have less mobility of joints and is often present and the swelling.

Arthritis is not a life-threatening illness but can have a very adverse impact on the quality of life.

So a good number of patients with the simplest daily tasks are doing with difficulties.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease which usually occurs in older people as well as many other signs of aging.

In the most cases, occurs on the knuckles of the hands.

However, rheumatoid arthritis is a very serious disease which affects a much younger person.

This form of arthritis not only affects the joints of the fingers, but attacks the joints throughout the body, but also tendons, muscle tissue and other tissues in the body.

So that people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis can really feel very bad.

Arthritis doesn`t choose age

Sometimes the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis was reduced solely on natural methods, but today modern medicine offers more features that facilitate the condition of patients.

Since this disease is a progressive nature should be taken seriously and keep it under control.

There are a few natural ways that may serve as natural remedies.

The juice from the potatoes to treat arthritis

Juice of raw potato is considered one of the most successful natural treatments for rheumatic and arthritic conditions.

The traditional way of preparing this juice looks like this: Raw potatoes medium sized, with shell, cut into thin slices and put it in a larger cup or glass jar.

Pour it with 2.5 dl of cold water and let it sit overnight to let the juice.

In the morning, throw a potato juice drink before breakfast on an empty stomach.

Of course, to feel the effect, repeat the process over a longer period of time.

Bananas useful remedy for arthritis

Bananas can also be helpful for people who suffer from arthritis due to its rich content of vitamin B6.

To treat of this disease is recommended a diet that includes only 8-9 bananas a day for 3 to 4 days.

After that, we proceed to a normal diet with only one banana a day.

Calcium for arthritis

It has been confirmed that, in practice, as well as scientifically that mineral calcium (in the form of calcium lactate) can significantly alleviate the after prolonged and regular use even completely eliminate joint pain caused by arthritis.

For one dose is necessary to dissolve in water 2 teaspoons of calcium lactate and drink.

The treatment lasts at least 4 months and 1 drink per dose 3 times a day, before each meal.

Ginger and arthritisArthritis 2

Traditional Eastern medicine has long revealed that ginger is really worth a natural remedy for arthritis because this plant acts as an antirheumatic. Ginger successfully prevents the occurrence of inflammatory processes, and thus the inflammation of joints.

Then, this plant decomposes harmful acids formed during the inflammation of the joints.

So, ginger largely for two reasons may reduce joint pain.

So, if you like to treat rheumatoid arthritis you can use about 5 gr. of fresh ginger or 1 gr. of dry ginger.

That is recommended daily dose for three times a day.

Kombucha tea can help also in treatment for arthritis.

More about healing with Apple cider vinegar and ways to heal you can see on our page joint pain and arthritis.

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