Artificial Or Natural Honey! Beekeepers Discover How To Recognize Real Honey!

Natural Honey

There is probably no person who doesn`t have knowledge about nutritional and also medicinal properties of natural honey.

However, we are always wondering whether we use a true natural honey.

Unfortunately, on the market, there is also a fake honey, made from sugar or corn syrups, additives and also colors.

However, top beekeepers reveal very simple methods to detect these frauds.

How to recognize natural honey

The first thing you can try is to rub a little honey between your forefinger and your thumb.

If your fingers are stuck like you have glue it means that it contains sugar or some other sweeteners.

Natural and organic honey is not sticky and also your skin will absorb it quickly.

Also, put a few drops of honey on a paper or paper napkin.

Natural honey takes a lot of time to get through the paper because it does not contain water.

Fill the glass with water and add a teaspoon of honey.

The natural and organic honey will fall on the bottom of a glass and remain firm.

IN the same case, the “fake” honey will immediately begin to dissolve.

Sprinkle honey on a piece of bread.

The real honey will harden the bread for a few minutes while artificial honey will moisturize the bread because contains water.

Always use a natural honey

Before the actual honey is swallowed, there is an irritation (prickling) in the mouth, which will be absent in the case of artificial honey.

The true honey will crystallize over time, while the artificial will remain smooth.

Rinse the top of the match in the honey and ignite.

Natural honey will not interfere with the burning process, as opposed to the “fake” that contains water.

Place several tablespoons of honey in the bowl and then heat it on high temperature in the microwave oven.

The true honey will be caramelized.

In the same case, the fake will become foamy and full of bubbles.

The trick used by bees to defend unwanted guests in their hive, such as ants, is a test of honey’s correctness.

Therefore, just put a little honey close to the ants, if it’s natural, they will bypass it.

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