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The Asians Are So Healthy Because of Durian – King Of Fruits!

The Asians Are So Healthy Because of Durian – King Of Fruits!

The adorable fruit in the southeastern Asian countries is called Durian.

There is a disgusting taste, bad smell, but also there is “something” that makes him the king of fruit.

In addition, similar nutritional value has just some fruit trees on the planet.

What is Durian?

The fruit of this plant is incredibly nourishing in relation to most other fruit that grows all over the world.

It grows in tropical parts and can mostly be found in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

It has a different taste in relation to any other tropical fruit we know.

If we refine the taste of it – garlic, caramel, cheese, and also almond, but all together!

Because of his taste that is very specific, people who have tried it worshiped or despised this fruit!

You can eat Durian raw or you can also cook this fruit.

Large seed is found in the heart of the fruit and is edible, but only cooked or roasted.

The bark of this Asian fruit is covered with spines.

For some people, the smell of this fruit is acceptable.

Nutritive values of Durian

Nutritive values of this plant are simply phenomenal.

The Durian average size has about:

– 26 grams of fat

– 132 grams of carbohydrates

– 9 grams of fiber

– 4 grams of protein

Apart from this, he is rich in:

– Vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B6

Vitamin C

– Manganese


There are also traces that include:

Folic acid

– Copper


This fruit has significant amounts of strong antioxidants such as:


– Carotenoids

– Polyphenols

– Flavonoids

In traditional medicine, durian is used as a natural medicine for:

– Elevated temperature

– Various skin diseases

However, its medical properties are still to be explored.

Like any other fruit on the planet, people also use this fruit as a prevention to reduce cancer risk.

It has the high content of antioxidants.

Durian inhibits cancer cell development with its ability to neutralize free radicals in human tissue.

Also, it is considered significant in the prevention of heart disease because it can decrease the cholesterol level.

As it is extremely rich in vitamin C, durian is also an excellent natural anti-stroke drug.

Moreover, it has the power to reduce the risk of arterial hardening.

Its low glycemic index also helps balance the blood sugar level.

In addition, to all these benefits of the King of Fruit, it has a distinctly aphrodisiac effect.

Try this fruit and you and if you like recommend it to your friends and family members.


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