Avoid 16 Unhealthy Foods That Cause Diseases And Cancer!

Unhealthy Foods

When you look at how many people suffer from obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, it is obvious that they use unhealthy foods.

Nowadays, diets and also lifestyle have a very negative impact on our health.

Given the availability of fast and also unhealthy foods, new generations suffer from lack of nutrition, resulting in numerous diseases.

However, we often do not pay attention to nutrition while something drastic, such as heart attack or cancer happen to us.

In addition, the truth is that from today you can eliminate the most toxic unhealthy foods from your diet.

Avoid these unhealthy foods:

– 1. Margarine containing trans fat

Butter has been an enemy for years, but research has confirmed that we really need to avoid margarine.

Margarine companies make of vegetable oils rich in trans fat.

Although not all kinds of margarine are of the same quality, some still contain this harmful ingredient.

Therefore, always check the product declaration.

High temperatures in the oil refining process, which some producers still use, destroy vitamins and also antioxidants in them.

In addition, the free radicals that can cause cell damage.

Also, numerous studies connect trans fat with heart and cancer disease.

– 2. Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks and also their dietary variants:

– Gain weight

– Increase the risk of cancer

– Increase the risk of heart attack

– Also, increase the risk of stroke

– Can cause diabetes

– Can cause osteoporosis

In the USA, for example, half of the country consumes at least one carbonated drink a day.

– 3. Meat products

From salami to hot dog, processed meat attracts negative attention in recent years.

Those unhealthy foods also have a connection with cancer patients, and especially colon cancer.

In fact, the American Cancer Research Institute says that only one hot dog per day increases the risk of cancer for 21 percent.

These products contain synthetic chemicals and also toxic preservatives.

– 4. Ordinary grains that we eat for breakfast

Everyone loves them, they are easy to make, but they are also extremely unhealthy foods.

Millions of children eat them every day, but most cereals are full of sugars.

There are also reports that they contain “unhealthy” amounts of vitamin A, zinc and niacin.

– 5. Potato chips

Chips are rich in fat, salt, calories, and also gain weights if you consume them on a daily basis.

Another concern is cholesterol because chips are fried in deep oil and also in trans fat.

– 6. Processed biscuits

It is much easier to grab a box of processed biscuits than tell a mother to make a famous recipe with oatmeal and raisins.

Those processed biscuits are also unhealthy foods.

These biscuits are full of hydrogenated oils, such as palmitin, which increases the intake of trans fat in the body.

At the same time, sugar is a major concern that leads to many diseases.

– 7. Fat-free products

Nowadays, from yogurts to milk, fat-free products have become a hit.

However, the scientists continually uncover the truth about their health consequences.

Some of those products people think as a healthier alternative which is wrong.

Companies replace fat by sugar, artificial sweeteners, high percent fructose, and also corn syrup.

Remember – fat is not your enemy – you need fat to feed your mind and also the body.

Only what kind of fat you use is essential.

– 8. French fries

Who does not love French fries?

Salty and sweet French fries have only one problem – they are terrible for your health.

A small portion contains 200 to 340 calories and a higher portion about 700.

People also usually cook them in unhealthy oils that stutter your arteries.

Therefore, to reduce the health risks immediately start to use olive oil for French fries.

– 9. Ice cream

Ice cream is a full-fat product and you need to try to minimize it or remove it from the diet.

If you eat one ball a day you risk high cholesterol and also diabetes.

Therefore, you can start to make yourself home-made ice cream from fruits and yogurt.

– 10. Cheese

Anyone love cheese, despite its high calcium level, is full of fat and can lead to unwanted weight gain.

Additionally, in the market, there are products that are full of additives and can potentially cause cancer.

– 11. Red Meat

The Western world eats too much pork, lamb and also beef, which increases the risk of cancer.

This meat is difficult for digestion, not to mention farms where animals live in terrible conditions.

In addition, they feed them with antibiotics and hormones.

– 12. Fast food and fried foods

Whether you eat chips or meat, everything that is done in unhealthy oil is definitely the deadliest foods.

If you fry your food more than four times a week you risk gaining weight more than doing it twice or less.

If you fry the food six times a week you increase the risk of heart attack by 41 percent.

– 13. White bread

Refined cereals are also not good for the organism.

Namely, white flour has no nutritional value, it is high on the glycemic index, and raises blood sugar levels.

In addition, consuming white flour you risk getting diabetes.

– 14. Popcorn made in the microwave

You have probably heard about diacetyl so far.

However, these chemical compound companies use to get butter in popcorn for the microwave.

Also, this is one of the major culprits that destroy cells which protect the brain and encourage the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Not to mention the packaging to which perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is added.

PFOA is also present in PTFE, which is associated with the risk of infertility in women and increased risk of certain forms of cancer in both sexes.

Instead, you can make popcorn on hot air and season with healthy spices.

– 15. Fruit juices

Believe it or not, fruit juices are deadly and also unhealthy foods due to high fructose concentrations.

They are rich in sugar and not only increase the risk of diabetes but also fat on the stomach.

Instead of them, consume the water into which little fruit is added.

-16. Energy drinks

Many are consuming energy drinks to boost energy, but they are full of sucrose, glucose, and also caffeine.

These are cocktails full of chemicals and instead of them, you can drink green tea that is antioxidant.

If you reduce the intake of these 16 foods, you will drastically reduce the risk of dangerous disease.

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