Baby Is Happiness for our life and health! Things that will happen and we like to know about our precious baby!




Mother Nature created endless wonderful and amazing things that we should respect and live happily with all of them.

Baby brings happiness in our life

“Be Happy” is a very important thing because it can have a great influence on our health and life.

Be “In Love” is a happy thing and everyone is glowing from happiness and for sure the best thing that can happen when you are “In Love” is the greatest miracle of life – Baby.

Some of the parents are confused and maybe afraid to have a baby and this small gift is one part of life that can make you happy.

In this article, we will explain just some of the happy and normal thing that will go through the first year of baby`s life.

The first year of your baby

Of course, all of these below depend on when your baby is born.

Baby 011st Month

– Loves staring out through windows

– Grumpy sweet person

– Enjoys eye contact

– Eating is favorite activity

Baby 022nd Month

– Increase his weight and length

– Think his bouncy seat is hilarious

– Loves to nap in his swing


Baby 033rd Month

– Super smiley and drooly sweet person

– Is constantly trying to eat his hands

– Loves splashing in the bath


Baby 044th Month

– Very ticklish (especially under his chins)

– Discovered his toes

– Loves playing in the jumperoo


Baby 055th Month

– Can roll from back to tummy

– Working on sucking his thumb

– think his sister is hilarious


Baby 066th Month

– Started solid food (sweet potato & avocado)

– Expert raspberry blower

– Loves to snuggle with mommy


Baby 077th Month

– Loves feeding himself puffs

– Able to roll everywhere

– Can sit up all by himself

– Favorite song – “Old MacDonald had a farm”

Baby 088th Month

– Started waving

– cut his first two teeth

– Dressed as lobster for his 1st Halloween

– Started crawling

Baby 099th Month

– Visited Santa for the 1st time

– Sticks his tongue out all the time

– Always on the move

Baby 1010th Month

– Loves to look at his books

– Knows how to sign for milk, food & daddy

– Gives the best snuggly hugs


Baby 1111th Month

– Claps his hands

– Fascinated with lights

– Constantly chasing “Alex the pug”

– Two more new teeth

– 1st trip to Disney World or Toy`s Club

Baby 1212th Month

– Loves Mickey Mouse

– 6 teeth

– Start walking

– Mr. Chatterbox (blabber)

Those are things that you can expect from your baby and hope you liked this information.

It is, of course, your obligation (but an obligation that you love to do), to raise this small miracle of life with all that Mother Nature is giving for our life.

Don`t forget one important thing!

Try to avoid all unhealthy habits and give the healthy habits which are also one important thing that you should provide to your baby.


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