Baking Soda Can Save Your Life! Use It Only In This Way!

Baking Soda

Usually, it serves you for cleaning or storing sweets, but baking soda has also many good health effects that you did not know.

This ingredient is in everyone’s kitchen and it is unthinkable for the preparation of specialties.

However, to use health benefits of this ingredient you need to use pharmaceutical baking soda.

In addition, it is unchangeable for some more …

Older people with low levels of bicarbonate found in this ingredient have a 24 percent higher risk of premature death.

The results have shown that increased amounts of bicarbonate can also extend life.

Scientists have found that changes in pH, carbon dioxide, and also bicarbonates are associated with the health of healthy elderly people.

Data have been analyzed by 2,287 researchers who have been in research since 1997.

Bicarbonate deficiency is the most recognizable medical condition in the world, in spite of what is commonplace.

Sodium bicarbonate is responsible for transporting oxygen.

That is spreading blood vessels and releasing oxygen into tissues, which means it increases pH value and also alkaline effect.

Increasing the pH value of urine prevents crystallization of the urinary channels.

It was found that uric acid causes diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks, gout and kidney stones.

Also, it creates a poisonous composition that creates fungus, leading to diabetes and finally cancer.

The acidic level of pH causes cell decay which eventually leads to serious health problems.

The amount of bicarbonate in the body can be increased by nutrition rich in fruit and vegetables or pharmaceutical soda.

Oral use of baking soda draws urine from the kidneys.

Many people that go to radiation also use this ingredient to prevent kidney damage.

It can also prevent damage to:

– Urinary bladder

– Gout

– Arthritis

– Fever

In addition, it helps the pancreas activity that is known to produce the most bicarbonate.

At the same time, it is responsible for the production insulin.

How can you use baking soda for better health?

– 1. Baking soda with honey

If this ingredient is taken orally, then it should be therapeutic.

That means you can take it for a period of two to three weeks.

During treatment, you should be prepared for side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, and also rash.

All these symptoms point to detoxification because the toxins need to get out somehow.

One way to take baking soda for the purpose of alkalizing the body is to mix it with honey.

Swallow them together into the mouth without swallowing and the body will absorb it through the saliva.

– 2. Combination with fresh lemon juice

Besides this combination is excellent for health, sodium bicarbonate and lemon are great for the face.

This combination is also good for tooth whitening.

This mixture is good because when lemon juice enters the body also creates a strong base or alkaline environment.

When they come together, they make an incredibly strong support for health.

In addition, lemon juice is extremely rich in vitamin C that additionally affects the body’s defense.

The special efficacy of these two ingredients is to prevent the onset and development of cancer.

This combination is also a powerful antioxidant, has detoxification properties, and also has an immune enhancing therapy.

In addition, it is a therapy for preventing and accelerating the treatment of various types of illnesses.

It can treat from harmless seasonal flu and viral infections to severe inflammation and infections in the body.

Proper use of this combination is to dissolve one teaspoon of baking soda in 250 milliliters of water and add the one half of the freshly squeezed lemon.

Mix it all well and drink it once a day – the best is in the morning.

– 3. Baking soda with water

The simplest way to treat occasional heartburn and also bad digestion is to mix a half teaspoon of this ingredient and half a glass of water.

You need to drink this for an hour or two after eating.

Many people claim that this combination also helps with low blood pressure.


There are certain contraindications to using baking soda.

The symptoms can be slower breathing, swollen feet, and also severe nausea.

The aforementioned symptoms, in fact, are a warning and a sign that your body is susceptible to this ingredient.

You can also check if you are sensitive to sodium bicarbonate.

Before to use it, enter it in small quantities.

Specifically, start a solution of half a flat teaspoon of this ingredient and 200 milliliters of water.

Drink it and if you do not receive symptoms of sensitivity, take a stronger solution tomorrow.

If you have symptoms, stop using it and start again with adding a larger amount of water.

Some people cannot use baking soda.

These are:

– Children under 5 years of age

– People with sensitivity to sodium bicarbonate

– People with severe kidney disease

– If some has a heart failure

– People with high blood pressure

– Also, people with a severe liver disease

Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, as well as by people undergoing permanent therapy also need a doctor’s advice before using this ingredient.

Baking soda cancer treatment by Dr. Simoncini

This therapy to fight cancer can be performed:

– Orally

– Through aerosols

– Intravenously

– Via a catheter

Such therapy can be effective in treating many tumors and cancers.

Dr. Simoncini, an Italian oncologist, recommends using a pharmaceutical baking soda as a treatment aid.

How does therapy work?

Baking soda dramatically increases blood alkaline, destroying a candida that according to Dr. Simonicini’s theory causes cancer.

Treatment procedure:

If you have stomach cancer, intestinal or colon cancer, rectum cancer and laryngeal cancer, take one teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in the morning and one in the evening with a glass of water during one month.


Do not use this therapy for more than 3 to 4 weeks.


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