Home Diets BANANA – One of the ways for health and weight loss
BANANA – One of the ways for health and weight loss

BANANA – One of the ways for health and weight loss

Banana  – mmmmmmm.

“Morning banana” diet, believe it or not, acquired immense popularity in Japan, to the extent that at one point caused a shortage of bananas.

The whole scam of the banana diet is that every morning for breakfast you can eat one or two bananas with plain water, which should not be cold.

For further does not matter what is eaten during the day, said Hitoshi Watanabe inventor of this spectacular banana diet, because “morning banana” significantly accelerate the burning of fat in the body and contribute to even weight loss of 3 kg per week.

Banana – my favorite fruit

Now let’s see how that could be true

Firstly, it is generally known that breakfast is a very important factor of “waking up” metabolism that is during the night “dormant”.

So it’s good “wake” him early.

Secondly, banana contains a type of starch that 25% improves fat burning during the entire day.

Thirdly, this fruit has long been digested, creating a feeling of satiety and partially blocking the absorption of carbohydrates.

We know that banana is nourishing and gives instant energy.

Scientific research has established that two bananas provide enough energy which is necessary for 90 minutes of hard work.

So, not bad to start the day with “morning banana” rich in fiber and no fat.

As for water, it is known that Japanese traditional medicine (read “WATER – The essence of life”), it is recommended that the water otherwise you should never drink cold.

Well, we could say it’s worth a try …

In any case, the Japanese diet “Morning banana” is not demanding and is easy to implement, so if you decide to use this type of diet (not to disappoint you), our advice is still taking care of what you eat for lunch and dinner.

Reduce your intake of unnecessary calories, avoid sweet, carbonated and alcoholic drinks.

Do not eat late in the evening.

If more and increase your physical activity will have a much better chance of achieving slim line of your body.

Some other things about banana

Bananas contain three types of sugar and fructose, glucose and sucrose.

Banana gives to our organism an instant energy and vitality, it makes our body stay in good shape so it is a favorite fruit of athletes, especially athletes.

Tryptophan from bananas in the body converts into serotonin (hormone of happiness), which means that we use this fruit can improve your mood and help in the treatment of mild forms of depression.

Then, bananas are rich in iron, potassium, vitamin B6 and B12.

They can be useful in quitting smoking because the body relieves stress from the loss of nicotine, soothes ulcers and increase brain power.

The most important is health benefits from banana:

Eyes – help for our eyes to maintain a night vision

Cardiovascular – prevention of hypertension and restores healthy blood glucose level

Stomach – prevention of peptic ulcers

Bone – protection from breakdown

Intestinal – electrolyte replacement in diarrhea and make constipation easier

Kidneys – decreased risk of cancer

Healthier eating mature from green banana and finally do not forget what some people speak about bananas: “Banana for breakfast is worth gold, for lunch, is worth silver and for dinner is equal to suicide”.

NOTE: Always buy natural and organic bananas.

If you like to know “WHY” and “WHICH ” bananas you should eat the best explanation is on our page “Ripe Banana


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