Home Health Based On The Blood Type, Find Out Which Tea Is Ideal For You!
Based On The Blood Type, Find Out Which Tea Is Ideal For You!

Based On The Blood Type, Find Out Which Tea Is Ideal For You!

Nowadays, natural teas are an extremely useful and healthy drink for the people with a certain blood type.

However, did you know that the influence of those natural teas will also depend on your blood type?

Therefore, follow the best combinations of herbs for each blood type.

Blood type tea combinations

Blood Group A

These people are characterized by emotionality and also analytics and are quite prone to stress.

For people with this blood type is excellent a Taiwanese green tea, often called puffy tea.

This is a purple jasmine tea or a combination of green tea Ying Hao.

It is also advisable to know the calendula and the wild thyme that have a great influence on this blood group.

Blood group B

People in this group have a slower metabolism.

They are also prone to autoimmune diseases, obesity, lethargy, and anxiety.

In addition, they need green tea or organic African legumes.

Red teas are also good with no supplements that refresh and improve circulation.

Blood Group AB

These people are not particularly intuitive and also are prone to stress.

At the same time, they have reduced libido.

They are advised to concentrate on certain types of green tea, black tea, sandalwood and also a yellow tea.

In addition, a mixture of green tea and mint is particularly recommended.

A good combination is also a mint that is very good for this blood type.

Blood group O

People with a blood type O need to avoid milk and also need to avoid gluten.

These people can also handle a stress, but the consequence of this is often a pain in the stomach or water problem.

These people are advised to make ginger-based tea.

An excellent combination is also a mixture of ginger and pure Japanese tea Sancho.

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