Basic Kegel Exercise For Man!

Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercise is also for man.

If you think that Kegel exercise is only for woman, you are also wrong.

Kegel exercise can help to any man with the muscles of the pelvic floor that affecting the bladder and the intestines.

At the same time, Kegel exercise can also help with sexual function at the man.

Kegel exercise for man

Why do this exercise?

Many factors may affect the enervation of the pelvic floor muscles, including surgical removal of the prostate and also conditions such as diabetes and hyperactive bladder.

You will benefit from these exercises if you have problems with urinary and also fecal incontinence.

Some studies say these exercises can also help men with erectile dysfunction.

How this exercise also has an influence on man?

If you really want to see the results, be worthy and also persistent.

In addition, you need also to work regularly, even if it seems to you a bit funny sometimes.

Also, you need to find the right muscle

If you like to find the pelvic floor muscles, never do not abruptly stop urinating and also tighten the lower part of the stomach muscles.

In addition, pay attention to where is the connection of your penis and also abdomen.

It is also desirable to do these exercises in front of the mirror.

Also, improve your technique

When you discover the muscles of the pelvic floor, empty the bladder and also lay on your back so that your knees are bent.

In addition, tighten the muscles, hold the contraction for three seconds and then also relax for three seconds.

Try it several times, but also do not overturn it.

When you strengthen your muscles, you can work these exercises during sitting, standing, and also during walking.

Also, be focused

For better results, you need also to concentrate on tightening solely the pelvic floor muscle.

Be sure not to loosen the abdominal and also buttocks muscles.

Avoid keeping your breath, but, at the same time, also let it run freely during exercise.

Also, repeat this exercise 3 times per day

Goal: at least three series with 10 reps per day.

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